Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stepping Outside of the Box

I've never really considered myself much of a "trendy" person. I'm most comfortable in jeans, a t-shirt, and my Docs. I follow trends, but rarely purchase trendy clothes, mostly because I don't want to spend my money on something that's going to be completely out of style in six months. Also because I think most of the trends are nasty and wouldn't look flattering on me anyway.

This lack of "trendiness" extends to my workout attire. As I've stated before, I'm known as "the girl in the wife-beaters and cheerleading shorts that may or may not match" at the gym. I've only recently started buying some trendier (and more expensive) workout clothes. So now that my clothing matches, I've discovered a disturbing observation that my shoes don't match.

Before we go any further, a bit of background information ...

I'm pretty sure I have the world's narrowest heel. Only two brands of running shoes (or "sneakers" as J calls them) fit my feet without slipping off my heel: Saucony and Brooks. Neither of those companies are known for making trendy or even very stylish shoes (nothing against those companies, but really ... you can't argue that there's just no comparison between them and say, Nike), but I've come to accept the limitations in my footwear options. Most of my shoes look eerily similar, with just some variations in color.

Do you sense a trend? ...

Diversifying can be scary ...

Last weekend, J and I happened upon a shoe sale, and I figured it'd be a good time to stock up on running shoes. As I tried on different colors of Sauconys, J kept suggesting other brands.

"What about Under Armour?" Love them, but my heel slipped right out.

Super cute, right? Unfortunately, not made for my foot.

"What about these cute Pumas?" Kind of cute, but totally couldn't do cardio in them. Plus, my heel slipped out.
Not bad for everyday wear, but would have to change shoes in the middle of my workouts.

"What about those black Sauconys?" Hmmm ... black workout shoes? I have a pair of black Jordans, but they're definitely only for purposes of looking cute (NOT for any type of cardio).

Cute, but definitely NOT suited for the treadmill

So I hemmed and hawed over the black Sauconys ... could I rock black shoes in the gym? They were definitely cute!

Being trendy ...

After a long internal debate, I decided to step outside of my self-imposed workout attire box, and buy the black shoes. I tried them out on Tuesday for my leg workout, and loved them! For once, my entire workout outfit matched!

Rockin' my new kicks!

Maybe being "trendy" isn't such a bad thing!


  1. The one thing I have decided this summer, especially after twisting my foot in late May is that the next pair of shoes I buy will be a much better and probably more expensive brand.

    I totally love those pink and white pumas :)

    Your "new kicks" have a similar look to mine, but mine are...Danskin.

  2. LOL, running sneakers are never about being trendy. Though I love me a pair of ugly ones (Brooks makes a trail running sneaker that is fabulously horrendous).

  3. it seems that we may have the same problem....because saucony and brooks are the only two brands of sneakers that i can wear without falling out of them too :)

    I have black ones...i actually wear them all day in work too ;) Shhh....

    i hate changing my shoes in work...and since no one seems to mind, i keep them on, i look extra cute...dress pants and sneakers! LOL!

    Now all i need are cute workout clothes! Im a mess at the gym!

  4. Vibram Vibram Vibram.

    I love the hobbit foot look and they really force you to use your feet the way nature meant you to use them.

  5. im in that 'in between phase' at the moment where im trying to up the anti on my workout kindof obsessed with what nike has out there, and so getting rid of all those hideous free promotion shirts i used to wear to the gym that made me look like a butch woman.

    Matching shoes are soo needed right now also!

  6. oooh you're really doin it up! New outfits, new sneakers! go head girl! I kinda like all the ones you posted!