Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stop. Reset.

For the past several weeks, I had been doing athletic-style, plyometric-type training. I incorporated plyos into every workout, was doing higher rep, lower weight exercises, and did interval cardio on the treadmill 5 days a week. This may sound like a lot to most people, but it was fun for me ... something different than what I had been doing for so many months. I was also following a mostly strict diet, and including some sugar-free products as well.
O.M.G. Yumminess! And only 60 cal!

I felt good, and initially, I dropped about 4 lbs. But that was it. I fluctuated within 4 lbs, but couldn't get below that. My goal is to maintain a leaner, lighter weight because I feel happiest and most confident when I'm leaner. (Not contest lean by any means ... just one size smaller.) I couldn't figure out what was going on. After all, I wasn't eating cookies or sweets, I was doing cardio and training hard. Why wouldn't my body drop fat?

After a long (read: humbling) discussion with Jerry, we determined that by including all the plyos in my workouts, I'd actually reset my cardiovascular conditioning at a higher level. Which means that in order for the plyos to continue to be effective, I needed to step up the intensity even more, and do them for longer intervals. WHAT?! Srsly, not fun. We also discovered that although my dear, sweet, yummy pudding snacks were sugar-free, they still contained 13 g of carbs: sugar alcohols. Not real sugar, but apparently, my body was using it like real sugar and retaining water. My sugar-free syrup and jam were also culprits.

So it all had to go. Time to stop what wasn't working and reset my body once again.

We decided to stop doing the plyos, because although they may work fabulously for some ladies, they definitely do not work for me. And we removed all of the fun, yummilicious "sugar-free" items from my diet. (I had to take a moment to mourn.)

So now we're back to basics. My training is slightly heavier, and definitely more intense! Instead of plyos, I'm doing more supersets. And since I strained both tendons in my lower calves, I've decreased the incline on my treadmill intervals. At first I felt like I was slacking on the cardio, but I realize that it's necessary when I look at the big picture. If I train so intensely in the off-season, I have to train even more intensely during prep ... and that's really not a good way to approach prep. The best way is to do as little as possible to maintain conditioning in the off-season so when I start prep, I'm not already over-trained.

I've already seen some positive changes, and I'm enjoying another new style of training. Since I get bored so quickly and easily (undiagnosed ADD perhaps?), changing my training keeps me interested and motivated (I sound like a kindergartner, don't I? :P). I'm also not stressing if I accidentally turn off both alarms and get up too late to squeeze in morning cardio. But you can bet when I start prep that I'll be setting 4 alarms to make sure I get that cardio in!


  1. Ohhh, I would be mourning too if I had to give up sugar free jello...and I noticed that's a brand that I have not tried before...cinnamon roll! YUM!

    Happy to hear the changes are working for you!!

  2. good to hear you are able to recognize when your body needs to "re-set"!
    i do the same things in my training in regards to changing things up frequently....
    my plyometrics are about to start back up again as well as 2 a day cardio...whooo!!!!

    anyways,have fun recharging your workout routine,and try not to think about the sugar free goodness!!!

  3. I'm doing the same kind of training right now with the plyos etc...it's fun because i'm not used to it. I hope my body continues to like this sort of thing for a bit.

    I get workout ADD as well.

    Sugar alcohols KILL my stomach. I broke up with them a long time ago.

  4. Lookahere missy, i'm gunna need you to post more than once a week!!!
    ::shaking fist at you::

  5. How often were you doing the plyos? I do them too but only about twice a week. I have a fear that the same thing will happen to me... my body will stop responding. Plus, it keeps my weekly wo fun. Sorry you aren't doing them any more :(.

    Sugar alcohols don't like me much either. Anymore than about 5 a day and I blow up and feel like poo.

    I love love love your posts, Kari!

  6. I was doing the plyos 4-5 times a week in addition to some treadmill cardio. While they were fun and all, clearly they didn't work for me. So it turned out to be not a failure, but a good learning experience.