Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who Wants to be "Normal"?

I know I've said this before, but I'm going to say it again: I want to look like a Figure competitor all year round, not just one day a year when I'm standing on stage. The past few months have been a learning experience for me as I tried different training and diet techniques.

I tried plyometrics for awhile, and they seemed to be working at first ... but then, I plateaued and fluctuated between 3-5 lbs. So it was time to change things again.

This past weekend's road trip provided a splendid opportunity to chat with Jerry about my current training and diet program, along with goals for next year (turn PRO). Since my metabolism got a bit screwed up when I was doing all the (fun!) plyos, we're trying to reset it again.

And since my immediate goal is to get to a certain weight, I need to tighten up my weekend treat extravaganzas. i.e. No more treats for two days straight ... just a couple of treat meals. We also agreed on the definition of a meal: Food consumed at ONE sitting. Not stretched for several hours. (Yes, I'm known for stretching a "meal" to several hours.)

When I looked through pictures taken this weekend, I can see a definite difference between Friday and Saturday evening, after I'd eaten carbs and "normal" food. And I really don't like the difference. My body seems to just soak up the carbs, which causes all my lines and definition to disappear, making me look like I don't even go to the gym.

Our bodies are always changing, and everyone is different. What works for one person may not work at all for another person (which is why I despise all the internet know-it-alls who proclaim their program is the "only one that works" or is "the best"). We've discovered that for me, carbs DON'T work, fats DO work, plyos DON'T work, and the treadmill DOES work (much to my dismay).

Since I want to look like a competitor and don't want to look like a "normal" person, I need to follow a competitor lifestyle, which is a lot stricter and more disciplined than a "normal" lifestyle. I don't mind this, because I know that the reward is greater than the sacrifice. I'm excited to see some results!


  1. that whole idea of looking amazing on stage and then ballooning out after is the only thing that freaks me out about competeting! looks like your getting it under control though which is fantastic!

  2. i understand what you mean! i dont want to be "normal" either!
    with as much determination as you have,im sure you will reach your goals!!!!

  3. i dont want to be normal either :) I want to try and stay lean after my show.

    I will not gain like i did last year....totally destroyed any gains i made...because i ate like a truck driver for weeks on end afterward.

  4. Ive been struggling with this since my competition. I want to have this fit body all year round but i struggle with having to gain mass to put on more muscle. And this doesnt make me feel normal at all!!! I have the same goal of going Pro and i hope my crazy calorie counting doesnt ruin my gains for next year.

    Keep up the good work, i love your blog!

  5. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog-- I think it's great that you've experimented with your diet enough to know what really works for you-- It takes a lot of dedication and courage to really experiment! Although I'm not training for competition, I know that carbs (even too much fruit) don't work for me, and that a diet higher in fat (with lots of coconut oil and avocados) does work.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. You are right on point with this statement girl!
    Since I want to look like a competitor and don't want to look like a "normal" person, I need to follow a competitor lifestyle, which is a lot stricter and more disciplined than a "normal" lifestyle.

    That is a very true statement and you accepting and realizing that is huge-we can't eat and do whatever we want and expect to pull of some kick ass off season look...even though, i try ;)

  7. I completely agree. What's the point of looking like a Figure Competitor only once or twice a year? Way to go on the discipline and focus, I am sure you are going to have some great gains soon!

  8. Who wants to be normal? :)

    It seems our bodies are stupid in the same way. I should mention my fats aren't in the form of nut butters either. I just finished my 1/4 cup of oats and that's IT for the day. I wish I could eat more but then I get carb face and booty...on oatmeal ARG!

    The treadmill is my biatch!