Monday, October 25, 2010

Cake Boss!

I'm gonna go out on a limb and announce that I may have one of the world's biggest sweet tooths (is "tooths" even a word??!). I adore pretty much everything that has sugar in it (minus chocolate. I don't like chocolate. No, srsly, I really don't like it.). While many women dream of chocolate candy, I dream of donuts, cookies, and cupcakes.

I drool just looking at a picture of these ...

One of my favorite TV shows is Cake Boss. Earlier this year, when I was dieting for Team U, I found myself watching episode after episode of Cake Boss, and drooling over all the yummy bakery goodies and cakes they make at Carlo's Bakery. J even suggested we go to the bakery after Team U to celebrate. Except I ended up not doing Team U, which meant we didn't go to the bakery at that point. We did, however, plan a trip to the bakery with J's client, Rich Siegelman, after Nationals. So this weekend, J and I headed up to Hoboken, NJ with Rich and his son to visit Carlo's Bakery.

J and me outside Carlo's Bakery

We arrived in NJ early Saturday afternoon, checked into the hotel, and then headed straight to the bakery. As expected, there was a line outside; however, it moved quickly, and within 15 minutes, we found ourselves inside the famous Carlo's Bakery.


We received a number when we entered, but when our number was called, we still had no idea what we wanted to order. There were so many people inside, it was difficult to view the display cases. The goodies weren't labeled with names, either, so we had to ask several employees what items were so we could order them correctly.

It was really crowded inside the bakery

J and me inside the bakery

Rich had custom ordered a cake for J, thanking him for all his help for Nationals. When J saw the cake, he was very surprised and touched by Rich's thoughtfulness.

Rich with J and his cake

We got to see Mauro, one of the bakers featured on Cake Boss! Rich was quick enough to get a picture with him.

Rich and Mauro

All of us with our bakery goodies!

When we finally left the bakery, loaded up with boxes of goodies, we couldn't even wait to get to the car to break into our treats. We sat on a bench and had our first taste of our baked goodies.

Cream puff deliciousness

J and his lobster tail

Boxes of bakery goodies

Back at the hotel, we grabbed a booth in the lobby and dug into the cake. We unanimously decided that it was the best cake we'd ever had. It was even better than Costco cake, which was my all-time fav. J's cake was red velvet with cream cheese filling and buttercream frosting. It. Was. Heavenly.

Best. Cake. Ever.

The next morning, we headed back to the bakery to stock up on more goodies to take home with us. There were fewer employees working at that time, so it took us an hour to get inside, place our order, and leave.

Crowded on Sunday morning. Mauro (one of the bakers on Cake Boss) is in the background!

We snacked on baked goodies the whole way home, and surprisingly, still had some left when we got back to Maryland!

A pound of cookies!

It was a really fun trip, and we all had some great tasting food! Although we still have some leftovers, I know I won't be digging into them for awhile. I'm back on the clean eating wagon today, and am hoping to find my abs again by the end of the week (they decided to disappear this weekend). The next trip to Carlo's Bakery is already planned ... it's going to be my post-Team U celebration!

Can't wait for the next trip!


  1. Ummm....we have the same problem. Except I think mine is worse. I like baked goods with things like chocolate and peanut butter ON THEM. :(
    I wish I had a vegetable tooth. Yes, this is what I am going to ask for this Christmas, a vegetable tooth!

  2. LMAO @ bikiniorbust... that's the best. i want a vegetable tooth too!! I have a sweet and salty tooth. I could devour cupcakes and potato chips all day long.

    That cake looked yummy...and i'm jealous of that lil creampuff kari. yum!

  3. I love that show!! I enjoy seeing all the beautiful cakes and the creations they come up with. I LOVE white cake, but absolutely dislike chocolate cake. Cookies....or cupcakes....YUM!! Lucky you!! :)

  4. YUM i have a sweet tooth too, im so good with my normal savourie meals, but if im naughty i could easily replace lunch with macadamia subway cookies ;p