Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Potluck Dilemma

Tomorrow is my office's annual Halloween celebration. All employees are encouraged to dress up and to bring a treat to the potluck. The costume is not my issue (I'm going to be a vampire!) ... it's the potluck that has my mind spinning.

I'm going to make these for the potluck ... Browned Butter Pumpkin Spice Krispies

As you may know, I've been following a fairly strict diet for the past 5 weeks in an attempt to look like a Figure competitor year-round. I've been very successful with the diet too! In that timeframe, I dropped 7 lbs (which is a lot for a lil thing like me!). My clothes were fitting better, and I felt better about myself. However, due to hormones and staying strict for several weeks, last week my mind rebelled and I didn't follow the plan very well. Subsequently, I gained back a couple of those pounds. And then with this past weekend's trip to Carlo's Bakery, I gained back ALL the weight I'd lost.

Wait. What?! How could I gain back 7 lbs that took me 5 weeks to lose?!

Easy! I ate. A lot. Often.

Rather than remaining discouraged and frustrated, I accepted the fact that I gained back some weight, and reminded myself that I'm the only one in control of how my body looks and feels. I went right back to my diet on Monday, and feel better already! I'm already down a couple pounds, and it feels good to be back on track.

But there's a potluck at work tomorrow. And I love potlucks, cuz they allow me to sample so many different foods at one time. If I were in contest prep, considering the potluck wouldn't even happen. It just wouldn't be an option. But I'm in my off-season now, and although I'm still following a very strict plan, the consequences of not following the plan aren't as detrimental.

Since I'm a Type A Planner, I made a tidy little table to record my thoughts about participating in the potluck.

To Participate To Not Participate
I get to sample yummy food! (duh) "Yummy" (ie sugary) food often upsets my tummy.
I won't feel hungry most of the day (like I usually do ... go metabolism!). It'll throw me off my diet.
It's my off-season, so there's no absolute need to stick to my diet all the time. My off-season is a time to do everything I can to prepare for next season.
If I diet so strictly even in the off-season, the mental discipline of contest prep is really gonna suck! Following a clean diet will help me maintain a leaner physique so I won't have as much to lose during prep.

As I review my cute, organized table, I realize that the arguments FOR participating are more mental-focused, while the arguments for NOT participating are more physical-based. I WANT to participate, but SHOULD I? My main reasons for following a diet plan now are to fit into my clothes and to feel good about how my body looks (cuz really, don't we all want to look good nekkid all the time??).

What do you think? What would you do? What do you think I should do?

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out what I chose to do!


  1. i think you need to go with your gut feeling-that first idea that popped in your head,and then go with it!if you decide to indulge,would your guilt overwhelm any "fun" of eating the potluck? if you dont participate,would you feel denied,feeling left out somehow?
    either way you look at it,contest prep,wether in season or off season, takes mental and physical strenghth!!!

    looking forward to seeing what you choose!

  2. I agree, go with your gut feeling. as i am a new to competing and also in my off-season i know how difficult is to go off the diet and cheat, but remember that you are in your "off-season" so enjoy youself because once season comes then its game time and you wont be able to enjoy the little things like potlucks and trips to the bakeries!! :) Enjoy!

  3. I really get this! I hate that I have so much anxiety about food choices - things that "normal" people don't even worry about. I also hate that I seem to be either on or off - I couldn't just go to the potluck and nibble, I would just eat everything in site and my weight would be up and I'd have to bust my butt for a week to get it back off.
    Oh well, I don't want an average physique, so I don't get to eat like an average person.