Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween and the Guilt Complex

This past weekend was a celebration in honor of sugar and sweets ... so I, being a fan of all things sugary, decided to celebrate as well! No, I didn't eat clean. Yes, I ate the mini candy bars. No, I have no remorse. Should I? No, I don't think so.

Office potluck goodies

So often in this industry, we're bombarded with guilt trips about what we should and shouldn't eat. And really, it's no one else's business but our own! Who cares what I do or don't eat?! But I digress. Because we lead a "healthy" lifestyle, we're encouraged to feel like failures if we don't eat completely clean all the time. Talk about putting undue pressure on someone!

I'll be the first to admit that I love cookies and candy bars. And I eat them! But the key is to not eat them all the time. I select certain days or time frames in which to indulge my sweet tooth and mental cravings. And then I go back to eating healthier. I've found that a structured plan and goals helps me to maintain some balance and mental sanity. And yes, my structured plan does include cookies (albeit every so often).

We had 50 lbs of candy in the house ... and we handed out nearly all of it on Halloween!

Attaching a feeling of guilt to foods and thinking of certain foods as "bad" only perpetuates negative thinking and self-loathing when you eat them. It's not "bad" to eat candy bars; just eat them in moderation. Enjoy them, and then go back to eating clean food, sans the guilt complex.

While I enjoyed the candy bars on Sunday evening, and the office potluck on Thursday, I do have to admit that I struggled more with my workouts after those meals (and it felt weird to be eating candy at work!). I was able to train hard, but my body definitely didn't process the sweets as efficiently as it processes my lean turkey. I felt more sluggish and bloated all over. Those feelings were actually a good reminder of why I eat clean the majority of the time. My body responds very well to healthier food, and as a result, I feel better - physically and mentally.

I'm glad I had some treats last week, but I'm also happy to be back on my clean food plan this week!


  1. Feeling guilty is NOT worth it... embrace the candy and enjoy every bite! :)

  2. Those treats look delicious!! So, now after reading your blog, I'm totally thinking of Sugarland (country) and my favorite song...I loved her first! And I do love my cookies and three musketeers, fast breaks, peanut m&m's, butter fingers...Oh, I'm on a roll!! :)

  3. i always love reading up on your posts! you put a "human side" to figure gals! and i mean this in a good way! often times,competitors are percieved (from outsiders mostly) as having to be "perfect" all of the time,eat clean all of the time,and look in show shape all of the time.....
    but in the reality of it all?we are human,just like every one else....
    i have 2 pro cards under my belt and this spring i will be aiming for a third...and did i eat halloween candy with my kids? oh yes i did!!!did i feel guilty about it? eh,a little,but not much. i have to have my occasional "cheat" to stay sane!and then,like you,i go right back into clean eats and my body thanks me for it!!
    again,thanks for posting this!
    you rock!