Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Bodybuilder's Perspective on Being Hardcore

Last month, I was pondering what it means to be hardcore in the gym. I came to the conclusion that "hardcore" means a dirty gym, hard training, '80's clothes, and a fanny pack. When J read the blog, he disagreed with a couple things, and wanted to share his own opinion. So I interviewed him to get a bodybuilder's perspective of what it means to be "hardcore."

In a nutshell, J's definition of hardcore is "no frills, go to the gym, get the job done." It's a state of mind.

What's your definition of "hardcore"? What kind of gym do you train in? Health club? No frills gym? Home basement?


  1. I like this guy. I gotta meet him!

  2. I train at a large chain gym, but spend the majority of my time in the "Testosterone Box", as I call it. Other than a cardio warm-up, I'll all about the iron.

    Hardcore for me (personally, as a competitor just starting out) is going to the gym with the intention and effort to CRUSH IT--meaning, I don't stand around between sets, I lift H-E-A-V-Y and max out my heart rate every time. I don't talk to people while I'm there and if a machine/equipment is taken, I find plenty of plyometric exercises I can do while I wait. I don't leave until I feel like "jello" and when I do leave, I know I've challenged and pushed myself harder than the last time, whether physically or mentally:)

  3. My favorite line..."Chew some aspirin and get to the gym" it!!