Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lusting for a New Suit

As some of you may know, I'm moderately active on Twitter (meaning I'm online during the weekday, but rarely in evenings or weekends). I've met several wonderful people through Twitter, and have had some great conversations regarding fitness, training, diet, and competing. A couple weeks ago, a few of us were chatting about competition suits, and I started thinking about whether I wanted to sell two of my 2-piece suits. I also started thinking about a new suit for this year.

I usually wear the same suit for all competitions in a two-year span, then I get a new suit. Since suits are so expensive (well, at least the ones I want are expensive), it doesn't make sense to me to wear them only one time. I bought a new (to me) suit last year, and wore it at both competitions. It fits me better than any other suit I've owned, and it's beautiful ... so why am I still thinking about getting a new suit?

My last two suits have been pre-owned, which has saved me a bundle of money. I was able to get pro-level suits for about half the cost of a new one, and I got a ton of compliments on both of them. I haven't custom ordered a new suit for about five years, though, and I keep thinking that it'd be so wonderful to have a suit designed to my exact measurements. At this point, a new suit isn't in my budget, though. (sigh)

I do have two suits that I could sell, but haven't decided if I even want to sell them at all. J had a good idea of putting the suits in a box frame along with some stage photos and hanging them on the wall. I have to admit, I kind of like that idea!

For you competitors ... how many times (years) do you wear a suit? Have you ever purchased a used suit? What were your experiences?


  1. I bought my first (and only) suit new... but it definitly wasnt pro level. I wore it for two shows and then added some more bling to it myself to make it new to me.

    I'm having the same debate on gettnig a new one this year or not.... but I REALLY like the idea of the wall box!

  2. I need to sell my never worn brand new suit. I'm just too lazy to go and post it anywhere :)

  3. I wore 1 of mine twice. I've had 4 I think. One was a bikini so that doesn't count.

    I bought a Crys Corner suit from diva exchange and it fit like a glove! It was clean and the stones were attached so I had good luck with it.