Friday, December 17, 2010

Popcorn Pothole

One of my goals of this blog is to be open, honest, and real with not only myself, but also with you. While I haven't entered the super-strict phase of Operation Pro yet, I have tightened up my diet and training. I'm feeling good, strong, and focused. But today I'm struggling with some strong urges to dig into the flavored popcorn I bought for our Christmas celebration tomorrow.

So many treats in stores this time of year!

I haven't dug into the popcorn ... but I'm tempted to. Sure, as competitors, we deal with temptations on an everyday basis. Sometimes it's really easy to say "No," and sometimes it takes a lot of willpower. I'm happy to say that I'm choosing willpower today, and will not dig into the popcorn until tomorrow.

I don't feel like I'm depriving myself, even though I'm choosing not to eat the popcorn today. I know full well that it will taste just as good tomorrow. I'm remembering my Operation Pro goal, and know that popcorn is not in the plan today. I know that if I eat it today, I'll be disappointed in myself for not following the plan, when I know that I'm fully capable of following it. I also know that I'll have a better workout without the extra sugar in my body, and I won't run the risk of having a blood sugar crash at any point today.

I realize that things are going to get more difficult, especially when I start my actual contest prep diet, so I'm not complaining. I'm trying to prepare myself for a mentally challenging, yet inherently rewarding prep. My craving for the popcorn is just one small pothole in the road to turning pro.


  1. It's amazing, though, how much easier it seems when we know that even though we choose not to have "it" NOW, we WILL have it "insert future planned treat date here". I think that is why I did well when I had a scheduled treat meal every week - little things lost their temptation, since I knew that on Sunday I'd get something special.

    It's easier to over do it when you eat a little too much every day than it is when you eat a whole lotta too much just once ;)

  2. Great job on the willpower! Popcorn is one of the TOP 3 biggest temptations for me! I've been so lenient this month because I'm starting contest prep January 3rd and it's been a HUGE challenge. It's amazing how much work goes into getting stage ready and just how FAST you can pack on the pounds DOH!

    While my husband actually prefers a more softer me (especially since I gained it most in my boobs and butt HA!), I have to say it's SO hard going from having "abs" to feeling like the Pillsbury Dough Girl:( However, I know how to get it off and I know that this is a much welcome break because I plan on having an even more successful contest prep for this next show in February!

    Have a great weekend! You're awesome! :)

  3. yay for will power!!!!!!
    proud of ya!