Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Celebrities ... They're Just Like Us!

The headlines of all my favorite weekly gossip magazines all screamed something about diets and weight loss last week. It seems like at the start of each year, magazines decide to shove fitness and diet down the throat of the general public. Headlines exclaiming "How I Got Slim" and "Half Their Size!" and "Diets That Work" flood the newsstands and grocery store check-out lines.

Within these magazines are stories of people (mostly celebrities) who either lost weight or normally maintain a svelte physique. People magazine seemed to be the only publication that highlighted non-celebrities.

While I don't aspire to have the same physique as the ladies featured in the magazines, I was interested in how they either lost weight or leaned out. So I "borrowed" the magazines from the gym, and set about reading about the health and fitness routines of celebrities.

I discovered something very interesting. Nearly all the diets consist of foods that are in competition diets!
What?! You mean celebrities actually watch what they eat, follow semi-structured plans, exercise, and eat clean?! You mean they actually WORK to maintain their physiques?!

According to Us Weekly (Issue 830, January 10, 2011) ...
  • Carrie Underwood lost 20 lbs after American Idol in 2005 by keeping a food journal, working out with a trainer, and not eating out.
  • Jennifer Aniston's diet consists of yogurt, fruit, salad, broiled fish, and steamed vegetables.
  • Halle Berry said, "If I stick to exercising every day and put the right things in my mouth, then my diabetes just stays in check."
  • Denise Richards, who feels "more fit than I did in my twenties," literally carries around "a small cooler filled with snacks."
  • Jennifer Lopez maintains that "You've got to diet and exercise - you just have to." She also controls her food portions, and limits bread, sugar, and alcohol.
  • And Jennifer Hudson (my favorite story) has lost about 80 lbs by tracking calories, fat, and fiber, and eating egg whites, chicken, shrimp, and bananas. She also does cardio and trains five days a week with a trainer.
With all of this information, how are American still confused about how to lose weight?? All of these women advocate a healthy diet filled with clean foods, and exercising several times a week. It's a very basic formula: 

clean food + exercise = healthy, toned body

While I knew on some level that celebrities must watch their diets, I didn't realize they followed programs very similar to competitors. But really, when I think about it, it just makes sense. Some of those ladies admitted they like pizza or sugar, but they either eat them in moderation, or avoid them altogether when they're preparing for an appearance or event, Which is exactly what competitors do: eat their favorite foods in moderation in the off-season, and avoid them during contest prep.

I doubt we'll be seeing any of these ladies on a Figure stage at any time, but I bet we will see them on award stages soon. And you can bet they'll be rockin' toned arms, flat tummies, and lean legs ... cuz celebrities, they're just like Us!


  1. Great blog! Here's something to think about when you say "With all of this information, how are American still confused about how to lose weight??"

    I don't think lack of information is why Americans aren't losing weight. Think back several decades ago when Americans didn't have an obesity or over-weight problem. Was this because people had more information? Well, no.

    Also, your simple formula of clean food + exercise = healthy, toned body isn't so simple when...

    1) you can't afford or can't access healthy food
    2) you can't afford or can't access a gym
    3) your neighborhood isn't safe enough to take a walk or run in

    Demographics with the highest incidences of obesity often struggle with the three things listed above. You and other competitors clearly have the talents and tools to make a difference in people's lives through fitness. Let's engage the people who need help the most, instead of not understanding why they aren't healthy yet.

  2. Andrea,
    Sounds like you are making excuses for the people who wont take it upon themselves to get in shape.

    Competitors are people with problems just like everyone else. Money, Food ect. Doesn't mean you cant get in shape and stay in shape.

    People in prison don't have the best of things. Food quality is very poor, sometimes doesn't even have gyms but they take it upon themselves to get in shape anyway. Where there is a will there is a way and most people just don't take responsibility and make every excuse in the book on why they cant do it.

    bottom line is many people look at celebs and think they have it easy and just look great without working for it, well these celebs DO work for it and they work hard.

    Everyone should make a commitment to do something to better their health.

  3. Thanks for reading, and for sharing your thoughts, Andrea. This post wasn't meant to criticize underprivileged people; instead, it was targeted at the "average" American who has a plethora of excuses (some valid, some not) as to why they're out of shape.

    You're right about lack of information not being the reason people weren't obese decades ago. Several decades ago, Americans weren't obese, mostly because they simply moved around a lot more. There were no computers, fancy cell phones, hundreds of TV channels, or video games that create hours of inactivity; the country was far more active. There were also far fewer processed foods and chemicals in foods.

    I understand that there are legitimate financial and geographic barriers and challenges; however, ...

    1) Food stamps can be used for fresh food, and food banks have fresh food available.
    2) Workouts don't have to take place in a gym. Soup cans and water bottles make great beginner hand weights, chairs are wonderful for tricep dips, and living rooms are great places for stretching, running in place, and yoga.
    3) See #2

    The point of this blog was to draw a comparison between the diets of "fit" celebrities and Figure/Bikini competitors; it was not to flaunt a privilege factor of any sort, or to sound insensitive to the financial and/or geographic limitations of some people.

  4. I agree with you Kari. Where there's a will there's a way. You just have to want it bad enough. It really does boil down to just that. Some people have bigger obstacles to overcome, but it is not impossible.
    Always enjoy your posts!

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