Monday, January 24, 2011

Drops in the Bucket Already?

I'm not embarrassed or ashamed to admit that I occasionally cry in the gym. It hasn't happened in awhile, but tonight I felt the familiar warm sting of tears threatening to cascade down my face while I was in the middle of glute kickbacks. I haven't cried in the gym in a long time; usually it happens during prep, when my body is depleted and I'm exhausted. I'm not quite in prep yet, nor am I depleted ... in fact, I had some yummy treats yesterday ... so what triggered the tears today?

As I've mentioned before, Operation Pro entails doing some exercises I'm not particularly fond of. It also entails mixing up reps and sets, which is challenging for me. I despise high reps (quite frankly, I get bored doing any more than 10 reps at a time), and Operation Pro includes some sets of high reps (*gag). High rep sets also tend to trigger my asthma, making it difficult for me to breathe.

For some reason, tonight my inhaler wasn't working correctly, and I was struggling with enough air flow during most of my workout. It all came to a culmination during glute kickbacks.

High reps + asthma issues = tears

I gave myself some extra time in between sets, and pushed through the exercise, telling myself, "the other girls getting ready for Team U are pushing themselves too." Like I've said before, when I'm standing on stage in July, I want to know that I pushed myself further than ever before, and did everything I could to prepare myself to win that Pro card. A few tears are nothin' but a drop in the bucket on my journey to winning a Pro card.


  1. It sounds tough, but you made it through! Good for you!! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. A drop in the bucket of GREATNESS. Way to push through and not give up. Keeping your eyes on the prize is the way to go. Keep inspiring!