Friday, January 28, 2011

Thundersnow and Being Thankful

Most of us in the fitness world spend a lot of time there ... sometimes more time than we'd like, especially during contest prep. Although I also work there, I don't always like to just hang out at the gym and visit. Except for last night. Last night, the gym was far more comfortable than our home.

On Wednesday evening, the DC area got hit by an epic thundersnow. Yes, there was thunder, lightning, and ... snow? It started as rain, changed to sleet, changed to snow, then changed back to sleet. All in all, the storm dumped about 5 inches of snow laced with thick ice. The conditions resulted in some 12-hour commutes, hundreds of abandoned cars, and 650,000 homes and businesses without power.

The snow sure was pretty ... until we lost our power. Then it wasn't so pretty.
J and I happened to be one the lucky ones to lose power in the middle of winter. There were bright blue and orange flashes of light, buzzing sounds from the power transformers, then the entire sky lit up like daylight (at 7 pm), and then everything went dark. It was like the dementors in Harry Potter, sucking the happiness out of everything in their path.

Power outages in our area
I never realized how much I value and use electricity until it was gone. We were cut off from the world completely - no radio, no tv, no internet. We did have our phones, but tried not to use them in order to save the battery power. I read my book by candlelight that night. (J was terrified I'd somehow set myself or the house on fire, but I managed without incident.)

Morning cardio was shoveling the driveway. Luckily, my office had power, so I stayed warm all day. J, on the other hand, had to cuddle with all the animals to keep warm. We thanked our lucky stars that the gym also had power. So we basically moved in last night.

All the animals cuddling up with J for body heat
J brought his food and his blender, and was able to keep his food cold and make protein shakes. We both brought toiletries and showered at the gym. We weren't the only ones using the shower facilities, either. Several people walked in with their clothes and shampoo during the course of the day. We also hung out and chatted with friends, all sharing horror stories of long commutes, cold houses, and no internet.

I thanked God for the gym yesterday. I was not only able to train and do cardio, I was also able to freshen up and feel clean and human again. It made me realize just how much we take for granted. We're thankful we had a place to warm up, and that we weren't one of the thousands stuck in traffic trying to get home from work the night before.

On our way home from buying flashlight batteries at Target, we got a call that our power had been restored. We've never been more appreciative of electricity ... light and heat really DO make a difference in our lives!

59 degrees 45 minutes after the power was restored
The house quickly warmed up from 55 degrees, and we were able to settle in for some Jersey Shore drama. We're still giving thanks that we have power now, while so many others are still without it. And we're also thankful that in our moment of need, the steady, trusty gym was there for us.

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  1. That picture is too cute! I love it when my cat sits in my lap on a cold day :)

    Oh and I also love Jersey Shore drama. I was kind of hoping that Sammi would leave. Maybe next time.