Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Choosing to be a Champion

Getting sick is never any fun ... and being sick during prep is even worse. And that's exactly how I began Phase II of Operation Pro: with a cold.

I spent most of the weekend curled up on the couch with my Snuggie and my book. Going anywhere outside the house just seemed to be a lot of effort.

I didn't feel any better yesterday, but I still went to work and to the gym.

Halfway through my workout, my head started pounding so badly, it brought tears to my eyes. This time the tears in the gym weren't from fatigue or frustration; they were from pain.

But I pushed through my workout and finished strong. In contest prep, there's no room for acting weak, even though I may feel weak either mentally or physically.

Sometimes in order to achieve success, we need to deal with feeling uncomfortable and train even during a bout with a nasty cold. I kept thinking of my friend, Donloree, who reminded me that I can CHOOSE to be a champion. So during my workout, I kept telling myself, "I'm a champion."

And you know what? By choosing to finish my workout, I felt like a champion.


  1. I just found your blog through your youtube account. I so happy I did. Good luck at team U this year. I'll be there to cheer you on!

  2. Awesome! Looking forward to meeting you!