Friday, February 4, 2011

Holy Cow! I Grew Wings!

One of the areas I've been focusing on this past off-season has been my back. I've been working very hard to increase my back width and thickness. I've been doing some new exercises and some of my least favorite exercises in order to develop my back to match my leg development.

After I trained back yesterday, I hit a few poses ... and suddenly, I realized ... I finally grew wings!
Red arrow pointing to the lat I grew this year!
It's so rewarding to see my hard work finally starting to pay off!


  1. Up, up and away! Yay! Looking good, what a great feeling when you can SEE the work paying off!

  2. You look great! Delts look awesome too ;-)

  3. AWESOME! I am so proud of you. It feels great to see some progress. You are going to just KILL this summer. I can't wait to see you fly off that stage!!

  4. Looking AMAZING!! Great work! It's paying off!

  5. Looking great! Keep it up, you inspire us.