Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just Suck It Up & Train!

Every Thursday for the past few months, I've been whining about training my back. Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen these complaints. I don't mean to be a whiner about training, because obviously, it's my passion. But I honestly do not enjoy Back Day for several reasons:
  1. My back muscles fatigue very quickly, which makes some exercises very difficult to finish.
  2. The new exercises I'm doing are uncomfortable and awkward. For some people, they may be neither uncomfortable nor awkward. But since I've clearly avoided doing these exercises for years, the motion and form feel new to me ... and thus, awkward.
  3. My back aches the next day. Not in a sore-quad way (which is delightful!), but in an I'm-sick sort of way. Sometimes, my whole body aches, which is highly uncomfortable.
As I'm writing this, I just realized there's really only ONE reason I don't like Back Day: it's uncomfortable for me. And I don't like to be uncomfortable. Ever.

I also realized I sound like a whiny baby. Ha.

The thing about being a Figure competitor, though, is that even though we sometimes whine (about Leg day, cardio, etc.), we always just suck it up and train. I can't think of one competitor I know who actually LIKES doing cardio. But we all DO it. Why? Because for most of us, it's necessary in order to get lean. And we want to WIN!

So even though I may whine and whimper about doing certain exercises or cardio, there's no doubt that I'll always do it. I'm never tempted to skip it (even though skipping may sound appealing at the time), because I want to be confident that when I'm standing on stage, I'll know I did everything I could possibly do to win. Plus, there's a reason my trainer has me do certain exercises or a specific amount of cardio: it works!

What's your favorite muscle group to train?
Do you whine about certain exercises or cardio too?


  1. I hear you! I have a super hard time on Leg day. My legs are my strong point so it seems like I have to work extra hard to train them.
    I love training my shoulders and traps... Seems like I always surprise myself when I'm trying to increase! :)
    I don't like biking for cardio and will whine about that. I'm not very much fun that week. lol
    PS-I like your wings! I hope I can grow mine some day... Can someone ring a bell please?! :D

  2. I whine on leg day because I KNOW it's going to be tough. I train them hard and heavy because they need the most work and I do them 2-3 times a week. I love the sore feeling afterward. I love doing arms, just because I love seeing the pump afterward. I think if we whine a little it just makes us human, right? =)

  3. I am definitely an exercise complainer! Some people like to work out because they enjoy it... I work out because I know it's good for me. When I work out with other people, I spend half the time complaining. When I work out alone, I usually just suck it up and get it done :P I MUCH prefer cardio to lifting, but I am not a figure competitor!!

  4. I love training legs...and I whine about...well...everything. I start whining before I even get to the gym.

  5. Kari,

    I totally know what you mean! I can lift any body part anytime as hard as I can but when it comes to running to make my legs look better... UGH! I hate to run! I try not to whine to my trainer (KDub) cuz I definitely don't want him to think I'm a wimp, but I totally dread it!

    I have to focus on the run and do as I'm told! KDub will tell me, "Imagine what you want your legs to look like while you run!" So I say as I run... "I love to run, I love to run!" I keep trying to convince myself it will get easier! Hummm

    It's mental but it is soooo hard not to whine when it comes to your most challenging body part or exercise!

    You are so right! Just suck it up and do it! It will pay off in the end. Those that don't or won't endure, will not be the Champion/Winner!