Thursday, February 17, 2011

Skinny or Muscular?

As a Figure competitor, I realize I have a slightly skewed viewpoint and perspective than most people. Things I consider "normal" aren't necessarily normal for most people. But I'm pretty sure most of you will agree with my opinion about this ...

Who would you rather look like?

Gina Aliotti
Or her?
New York Fashion Week, Marchesa 2011
Thought so.

American Ideal

I'm baffled that the second picture is the "American ideal" for women. How many American women actually look like that? And why are we always so surprised to discover that clothes look different on us than they did on the runway models?

Here are a couple more photos from Fashion Week, courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman and Glamour.

These ladies look so hungry!
No muscle tone anywhere
When did womanly curves go out of style?
These women all have beautiful faces! But their bodies look like pre-adolescent boys - all gangly and flat-chested with no muscle tone. Why do designers think women should look like young boys?

The Body That I Built

Yurkovic, 2009
I'm proud of my curves and of the muscle I've built! I realize my body shape isn't everyone's ideal either, but I'm proud of how I've sculpted and shaped myself from skinny and scrawny into curvy and muscular. I'll continue to look at physiques like Gina's and other Figure pros as my inspiration, and will keep training hard in the gym, cuz I don't know 'bout you, but I sure don't want to look like a skinny, young boy!

Yurkovic, 2010
Whose physiques do you admire? What are your thoughts on the runway models?


  1. Great post, I definitely aspire towards looking fit and healthy and strong. The only downfall is that the more weight training I do, the more my boobs disappear.

  2. Great post, I agee. I would much rather be fit, healthy and strong. Muscular is what I find gorgeous when it is kept feminine.

  3. Sometimes I wonder if the whole runway model standard is less because they think its pretty and more about what will fit multiple people, because honestly who could think that is beautiful?!
    I can almost always find something about any figure girl that I love! I love Erin Stern's lats. And I love Nicole Wilkins' abs. And I dig your quads! Once you're a pro I'm going to be forced to reference them! ;)

  4. You know i used to love Fashion...even the models..when i was about 12 i wanted to become a fashion be around the pretty people. It didnt hit me till about 16 that i hated the way women like that looked.
    It took me till i was 24 to realize that i wanted to be one of the pretty people, but not THOSE pretty people, i wanted to be a body builder, because the curves, the muscle, the health...THAT is ideal..and what should be the American Ideal.

    I'm not saying everyone should bulk up and be Lenda Murray, what i'm saying is..people need to be better, not hungry or weak, or mal-nurished.

    ..but BETTER!!

  5. Tone muscular healthy is the look I strive for everyday! The "super skinny" models don't appear healthy or strong. They look frail weak & sickly. You & the fitness figure women represent a good healthy image. Although we know that to get to that lean look, crazy dieting is necessary. But I can assure the young girls looking at the fitness magazines, the "off season" look for those same fit chicks still looks fantastic & healthy!

    Jamie Eason & Monica Brant & Corey Everson are a few of my favs!

  6. I think runway models look like they're starving & in need of a buffet!! :)
    Courtney West, Erin Stern, and Alicia Harris definitely motivate me and have the look I aspire to possess one day!!


    P.S. Your pics are SMOKIN'!!

  7. Erin Stern has the physique I most admire and, yes, I do have photos of her in my training journal, at work, on my desktop....all to motivate myself day in and day out. I absolutely love fashion, too, but agree that the look they idealize on the runway is in no way appealing. I was encouraged recently watching E! Fashion Police when they gave Best Dressed at the Grammy's to Jennifer Lopez and praised her super short skirt and amazing legs. She may not be a figure athlete, but she's got curves and muscular legs and isn't afraid to show them!

  8. I look like the girl in the second photo, and I'm.proud of my body. If women are proud of their muscles, I have the right to be proud of my slimmer figure. Nothing wrong with being skinny. It's NATURAL for me.