Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meal Prep with Kari

As a competitor, I'm always curious about the diet structures and foods other competitors consume. I was one of those kids who actually liked school, and I'm always interested in learning new things. I'm always asking people what their diets are like, which foods they eat, and how they season their meals. In turn, I receive a lot of the same questions. Since tonight was Meal Prep night for me, I thought I'd share it with you.

As you most likely already know, I use a high protein, high fat, no carb diet for contest prep. I stumbled upon this approach a few years ago when a carb-cycling approach wasn't working for me. My diet allows me to eat a variety of lean proteins and fat sources.

I, however, am very lazy. So I basically eat about 4 different foods. And that's it.

My main source of protein is ground turkey. The fat content of the turkey, and the extra ingredients I add when I cook it vary, depending on how my body is responding to the diet. J watches how my body responds, and makes adjustments as necessary.

Turkey and a few extras
I cook all my turkey for the week, and then mix in some extras that keep life interesting for me.

Then I portion the batch into the amounts I need for each meal, using my food scale.

Weighing and portioning turkey
After I've portioned the batch, I seal up the baggies and put them all in the fridge, so all I have to do each evening is throw a couple baggies together to bring to work the next day.

I'm thinking of asking Ziploc to sponsor me ...
See? Told ya I'm lazy. :)

All together, it takes me about an hour to cook and portion my food for the whole week. Granted, there's very little variety in my diet, but I actually like it like that. It's very easy to figure out the root of any issues I may have, and my body is trained to process those foods like a machine.

In the off-season, I don't eat much differently; however, I do like to experiment with some different recipes. And I LOVE to bake!

For all you competitors, what's your diet like? Do you like to experiment with new prep-friendly recipes? What seasonings and spices (if any) do you use?


  1. Your site looks great! I am going through the prep for the first time and journaling about it in my blog. I take a picture of every meal I eat, so if you get time, check it out!

  2. You and I could both be sponsored by Ziploc! hah! I love garlic, ginger, cinnamon, pepper, and mrs dash of almost any variety!

  3. Oh Kari I LOVE LVOE LOVE the new look of the blog. And I wouldn't call you lazy at all. I wish I was as "lazy" as you. I'd have a sick body.

  4. Thanks, ladies!

    Karate - I added a link to your blog. :) Best of luck with your prep!

  5. I am the SAME way! Is it weird that I know that 3 large chicken breasts and 2 c of dry brown rice will give me exactly 7 days worth of perfectly portioned lunch? Yeah, a little. ;)

  6. I am prepping for my first show and stick to pretty much the same daily diet. Egg whites and veggies, low carb shake, salad with turkey breast, almonds, broccoli and fish/chicken/turkey. Every fourth day I have a refeed because My weight just got stuck so I'll eat 120g carbs (all from oatmeal). Hopefully this shakes things up and gets it moving again :)

  7. I wish I could stick to the same foods all week! My problem is that I love variety! You are right though, keeping the variety down does make it easier to find the root cause of any changes your body may make. I enjoy your blog!

  8. VARIETY!! I've gotta have it! I can't do the same food day in and day out. I get bored bored bored!!! I use every spice, herb, and chili pepper ever invented, I swear! Cayenne, paprika, sea salt, black pepper, 21-seasoning salute from Trader Joe's. Also fresh mint, cilantro, basil, thyme, and oregano. My favorite for shrimp is just fresh pressed garlic, cayenne, and paprika. For tilapia garlic, cilantro, jalapeno, green onions, sea salt.

  9. Thanks for all the ideas for simple ways to spice up prep food!

  10. Hi Kari!!! Love reading your blog!! You're such an inspiration and motivator! You said you basically eat 4 foods, what are they?! What does your day look like, food wise? Thank girl - keep up the good work!!