Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Mantra

I'm back from the Arnold, and wanted to give you an update on my prep, and to share with you something that's been helping me remain positive when I feel like whining.

Week 3 Update
After only two full weeks of dieting, I'm already seeing some significant changes in my body. My clothes are fitting looser, or in some cases, not fitting at all. I always feel a combination of excitement and dismay upon discovered my clothes no longer fit. Excitement because - hey, progress! Dismay because now I don't have any black dress pants that fit.

The number on the scale is steadily decreasing, which is also exciting! As of Monday, I'd lost 9 lbs since I started prep. I was up 1 lb yesterday because I think my body is finally starting to recover from the dehydration of the Arnold weekend. Although I got all my meals in (100% on my diet, of course!), I only managed to drink about half the amount of water I normally drink per day. Although I've lost weight, I don't see any muscle definition yet - I just feel like a smaller version of my shape from three weeks ago. I just keep telling myself to be patient; the changes will show soon enough.

Stopping to eat a meal outside the Arnold expo hall
My overall energy level is still good. Although I've been tired this week, I don't feel like I'm dragging, and I had enough energy to make it through the Arnold expo for several days. Walking around the expo was definitely a higher energy expenditure, so my body is naturally still tired from a long, exciting weekend.

Because my body is responding so well to prep, we're going to add more food to my diet next week. (YAY!) We want to make sure my metabolism stays fast and doesn't slow down, thereby halting progress.

My New Mantra
One thing I've been repeating to myself since I started prep is this:

"Don't let the food control you."

That means don't let being hungry affect your mood or the direction of your thoughts. Don't focus on or whine about being hungry. Being hungry is a natural and expected part of prep; it's nothing new, and it's inevitable, so why whine about it? If you're hungry, you're hungry; don't focus on it and freak out because it's time to eat RIGHT NOW. Being late for a meal time is going to happen, so it's not a reason to panic or to get upset.

So far, every time I've started to freak out about being late for a meal, or started to whine about being hungry, I've stopped and reminded myself that the food does not control. I control me. I alone am responsible for how I'm acting and feeling. Yes, my body is tired. Yes, my body is hungry. But it's MY choice to put myself through discomfort, and other people don't need to hear me whine about it.

It's MY choice to respond either positively or negatively. And I chose to be positive!


  1. Excellent post! I love that you're embracing this part of the prep. I do see the muscle in there though. Keep it up!

  2. That's awesome Kari! Great mantra to have because its true! You control your body and your mind. What a lovely feeling to have! :)

    Ps. My big sister's name is Kari, pronounced and spelled the same. So beautiful!

  3. I'm new to your blog. Thanks for keeping it up. I enjoy being on this journey with you.

    Question regarding your post. Do you actually feel "full" after your meal, or do you just take in enough to get by? I tend to eat to fullness, so I'm not sure what I should feel like after eating if I am eating to get that elusive six pack. Thanks.

  4. I love your posts, makes me feel like "yeah I can do this"... Get it girl!!

  5. Good for you keeping it positive. It's the only eay to make it through.

    BTW, I'm sorry I did not speak to you at the Arnold. I did not know it was you when you were talking to Alli in the line we were standing Guess I was looking for that straight hair...haha!

  6. not sure why my blog link did not show up...going to try this again but in case it does not work:

  7. Thanks for all your sweet comments! The new mantra is seriously helping me stay positive this year.

    Ironman - I weigh all my food according to my trainer's guidelines. Sometimes I feel full, sometimes I don't. I never veer from the set plan during prep.

    Dawn - I had no idea that was you! So sorry I didn't say hi. I switch my hairstyle all the time. :P Hope you had a wonderful time!

  8. Your insight has helped me focus on the important part of training & prep! Although I am not competing at the level you will be, the mindset must be the same. You are a winner. When you know it, your friends, family, followers, fans & judges will know it! 

    Keep up the great work! You are definitely inspiring many.