Monday, March 28, 2011

Treat Meal Issues

Some of my Twitter friends may know that Saturday's treat meal didn't go quite as planned ...

As discussed in my week 5 check-in video, J determined that I was making progress too quickly, so it was time for a planned and scheduled treat meal (mind you, I'm saying TREAT meal, not CHEAT meal, because it's not cheating on my diet if it's planned and scheduled!). The goal of a treat meal was to fill out my muscles and slow my metabolism down a bit. Although being 5 lbs away from my target weight with 15 more weeks of prep to go is reassuring, we need to slow things down a bit so I don't start burning muscle.

My meal was GREAT!!! J's specific instructions were to "Just eat!" And eat I did! I made 3 trips up to the sushi bar, and ate for an hour! I was stuffed when we left!

Naptime followed the meal, and I was completely unproductive for the rest of the day. I ate a couple meals later in the day (back on the regular plan, because again, it wasn't a CHEAT meal). Then I started to feel kind of icky. And then I felt REALLY icky. Without going into detail, I'll just say that I went to bed with absolutely no food in my stomach.

The next morning, instead of looking fuller and smoother, I looked dehydrated and ... leaner?

Well, that defeated the purpose.

J determined that since the sushi meal hadn't worked out as planned, I would eat ANOTHER meal! Say what?! So unexpected, yet so exciting! I had my fingers crossed that my stomach wouldn't reject this treat meal attempt.

I enjoyed an entire Chipotle bowl on Sunday afternoon. Plus chips! And later in the day, I smoothed right out as planned. I'm definitely retaining water today, and my ab lines have all but disappeared. While that was the goal, I'm still a bit bummed to see them gone so suddenly, especially after they took so long to come out of hiding!

I anticipate the next few days being a bit rough as my body makes the shift back into ketosis. I should be feeling back to normal by the end of the week. So while the plan didn't quite work as intended at first, we got the results we were looking for AND I got 2 treat meals!


  1. oh! sorry to hear the first treat meal didnt stay down!!!
    but atthis point,some things can still be trial and error,which may be the best way to learn what works and what doeasnt!
    no doubts you will come in this show with your best physique ever!!!!

  2. Your body is on fire!

    You 2 are so cute together in your last video :)

  3. Hi Kari, thanks for sharing about your treat meals! But you still got the results you were looking for! You'll sure have an amazing body! :)