Friday, April 8, 2011

5 Exercises I Love to Hate

As I've mentioned before, my training style has changed a lot this past year. I'm now doing different exercises that I'd avoided in the past simply because they were either uncomfortable or there were other exercises I preferred to do instead.

In order to win my Pro card, however, I need to have a balanced, symmetrical physique. And that means I have a love/hate with a couple exercises in particular.

  • Pullups top my list of exercises I love to hate. I genuinely dread doing pullups, but at the same time, I LOVE how they make my back look! For the first time in my life, I actually have wings (lats)!

I finally grew wings!
  • We all whine about lunges, but I can't think of any successful Figure competitor who DOESN'T do them. They're pretty much a necessary evil in order to get a nice glute/hamstring tie-in.
  • I really despise dumbbell rows. I don't really have a good reason for despising them other than the fact that the row is an awkward, uncomfortable movement for me (which is why I avoided them for years). They do wonders in thickening my back, though!
  • I've been doing rear dumbbell or cable flyes quite a bit lately, but no matter how often I do them, the movement is still awkward and uncomfortable. Tell ya what, though. I finally have visible rear delts!
  • I used to hate squats for the simple reason that, if done properly (ass to the grass), squats are hard! But they're also one of the best overall exercises to do. I firmly believe that squats should be included in every serious competitor's training program.
    Squatting plates on Monday
    Well, there ya have it! My list of the top 5 exercises I love to hate. Check out the lists some of my friends compiled too! Donloree, Alli, Ashley, Dawn, Liz, Jen, Colleen, Lisa, Kendra and Tiffany all wrote their own lists, and I bet we have some of the same exercises on our lists!

    What are some exercises YOU love to hate? Do you do them anyway or do you avoid them like I used to?


    1. Love the wings! You are going to fly to success.

    2. Awesome pic! I agree you will fly to success! And I agree about the squats

    3. I agree with you on the dumbbell akward. Also, seeing the picture of you squatting means I really don't go low enough...need to work on that!

    4. your list is like my list!!!!
      oh and AWESOME WINGS!!!!!!!! no doubts you will fly high and reach your goals this season!!!!!!!

    5. I hate pull ups too! And love your wings!

    6. I totally agree with you on the lunges and squats! I have to say though, I love pullups and any kind of row (seated, dumbbell, cable, etc)...

      Any kind of quad exercise hurts like crazy, so my quad superset is definitely my least favorite exercise(s)!

    7. Your back looks phenominal! I totally agree with the pullups.

    8. Thx everyone! Having wings is so exciting! :)

    9. Lookin good girl! I'm excited to follow your journey to Pro! I know you will win it! Not sure when my nex show is, but I'm sure we will be competing together again in the near furure :)

    10. AMAZING wings... for anyone who has never had to really try to get them they just can't quite appreciate HOW HARD IT IS! :) Your awesome. our lists are very similar.

    11. your back is GORGEOUS - i can't wait to see you on stage! I freaking HATEEEEE lunges but I know how great they are for your body. I used to do them weight on the smith machine now I can't seem to bear to get up there - so painful!

      I just whine and moan about them instead now :)

    12. Danielle-Looking forward to competing on the same stage with you again! ;) Hope it's soon!!