Friday, April 22, 2011

I Want to Win

One of my friends asked me the other day how I find the motivation to train hard on the days when I either don't feel well, or just plain old don't feel like training. I told her what motivates me is the desire to WIN.

"Winning" can mean any number of things - it can mean anything from losing a couple pounds to winning a trophy to just having the confidence to stand on stage. Or it could mean feeling good about wearing a swim suit, or eating clean for a week, or running a mile without stopping. "Winning" means something different for everyone.

For me, the need to win is my ultimate motivation. And at this time, winning means doing everything I can in order to look my absolute best on stage.

What motivates you to train hard? Is it running a race you signed up for? Is it fitting into a size smaller clothes? Is it competing in your first competition or your twentieth? What does "winning" mean for you?

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  1. Great blog!

    As I was training for my 1st competition everyone was saying I was crazy esp w/ the hardcore dieting & training. Winning for me at the 1st competition was just to compete.

    When I placed 2nd that was beyond winning for me.

    The next competition winning for me is going in a few pounds heavier & actually winning 1st place.

  2. Love it. I want to win too! :)

  3. Love this blog - you motivate me ! And you're so pretty! :)

  4. Winning to me means setting a goal and achieving it, improving my physique each time I step on stage, & knowing that I did everything in my power to be my best!


  5. Great blog, Kari!! You are an inspiration!!!