Monday, April 25, 2011

Max Muscle Virginia Show Re-Cap

This past weekend, J and I went to watch the inaugural Max Muscle Virginia show. We were up early, as we both need to get our morning cardio and a meal in before we hit the road. At the show, we saw several of our fitness world friends and chatted with them. I also met a couple of my online buddies in person for the first time!
Online buddies Adriana and Debi
One of my favorite things about going to watch a show is how no one thinks it's weird to bring their cooler and a jug of water into the show, and then proceed to whip out Tupperware filled with cold food, silverware, and Crystal Lite at regular intervals. One of my competitor friends actually asked me if I wanted to smell some cookies her friend had brought for a competitor. Of course I wanted to smell the cookies - and so did she! How cool is that?!

For this being the first year for this show, the quality of competitors was good!

We'd only planned on going to pre-judging, so we headed home after the show. But after a couple more meals and another cardio session for me, we decided to head back to watch the evening show. We'd been looking forward to chatting with Peter and Jess Putnam, who were guest posing at the evening show, but we hadn't seen them at pre-judging. Plus, it's not like we had any other scintillating plans on a Saturday night. Ha!

Despite audio-music issues, the evening show was well-run. We were happy we got to meet up with the Putnams, and I also met another online friend in person!

Me with Jess Paxson-Putnam
Melissa and me - online buddies!
One of my online friends, Shawn Hektor, won her Bikini class, and J's former roommate, Mario Tarquinio, took 2nd in his stacked class. It was exciting watching our friends win medals!

Shawn is 2nd from the left
I feel so fortunate to have such a wide and varied group of in-person and online friends who share my love of competing and the fitness world, and it's always a fun time when we all get to meet up and cheer for our friends on stage.

I'm even more excited and motivated to step on stage in July! There's something about the smell of Jan Tana that gets me psyched to strut my stuff on stage!


  1. Totally agree with that smell =)

  2. How tall is Jess? I know your tiny..but she looks super tall! LOL! Cool you got to meet her :)

  3. Amazing new friends with the same interests & similar goals!

  4. hahahaha about smelling the cookies!!!!!!!!!!
    i am literally counting down the days until i can go out to dinner with my children and hubs!
    oh yeah and to eat cookies!
    as usual,i always love reading your posts!

  5. Kari, you look so cute in the pic with Jess Putnam! I CAN'T wait to see your pics from the stage!! YAY!! :)

  6. Angela - I think Jess is about 5'4". I was wearing Docs & she was wearing heels in that pic. :)

    Glad I'm not the only one who gets excited about the smell of Jan Tana and cookies! :)

  7. It was so nice to see you and J as well. My cookie sniffer buddy (lol). See you soon. X's and O's

  8. It was so nice to see you and J as well. My cookie sniffer buddy (lol). See you soon. X's and O's