Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Sign on my Forehead

Due to some unplanned and rather expensive purchases as of late, I've come to the realization that I must have a huge sign on my forehead that exclaims to all salespeople: "It doesn't take much to talk me into buying your expensive and completely unnecessary product!"

Last weekend while I was at the mall, I stumbled upon a Style show, which included opportunities to meet with a stylist and get a free makeover. Never one to pass up free stuff, I signed up for both. The stylist thing was fun, but other than "nude shoes make your legs look longer," I didn't get much out of it. The makeover, however, was much more helpful.

In preparation for my show (and because I think I look better with a tan), I've been going tanning. In an attempt to (finally) take care of the skin on my face, I cover my face while tanning. Which has now created a ghost-like effect against the tan of the rest of my body. So I've been looking for a light foundation/powder for my face that will match my tanned skin. The nice man who did my makeover suggested a couple products, and when he was finished giving me a whole new look (note to self: never attempt to wear coral eye color again), my face color matched the rest of me!

This past weekend, I decided to buy a couple of the products he used on my makeover. When I walked into Nordstrom, I was surprised to see a DJ pumping out Britney remixes next to a flurry of activity around the cosmetics area. Nordstrom was putting on their own free makeover extravaganza!

As I searched in vain for the EsteĆ© Lauder counter (which I never managed to locate), I was accosted by a makeup artist at the Dior counter. I let her lecture me on the proper toning and moisturizing practices for my face, and then suffered through her soliloquy about how important it is for me to use eye cream "at my age" in order to "stop the lines from turning into wrinkles." (I do believe she suggested that I'm getting old.)

According to the label, this will make me more "radiant" and diminish my "imperfections."

When she was finished making me beautiful, I looked in the mirror and almost didn't recognize myself! My skin tone was even, the "lines that will turn into wrinkles" were gone, and my eyes looked luminously blue. I had no idea what an impact a good makeup application could have!

I was all set to buy most of the products ... until the nice lady told me the cost of each item. That eye cream that I so desperately "need"? $195. Yeah, srsly. The toner that cleanses and rids my face of all forms of ickiness? $90. I bout fell off my chair!

I did succumb to buying the spray foundation, because clearly, it worked well! I also got a liquid concealer that successfully concealed my laugh lines. I did, however, manage to resist all her pleas that I purchase the eye cream and other facial cleansers. I ended up spending twice what I'd expected to spend that day.

Fancy spray foundation

I had some fun playing with all my new makeup toys yesterday, and actually did a halfway decent job of applying it. I always do my own makeup for stage and photoshoots, and it turns out ok; however, I've never done a very good job of applying makeup for everyday looks. Although I wasn't planning on spending so much money, I'm thrilled with my purchases and am happy my face color finally matches the rest of me!

Am I the only one who's easily talked into buying things I don't need or spending more money than I'd planned to spend? Or have you made some unplanned impulse purchases too?


  1. Most definitly not. I am the biggest sucker EVER. I almost feel guitly for letting them do the makeover/chat up that I HAVE to buy it ya know?

  2. There are very few benefits of needing to be frugal due to being financially strapped, but this is certainly one of them. These products aren't even an option for me right now due to my financial situation and, this doesn't happen often, but it makes me feel good about my required frugality for the time being :) Sounds like you did find a good product in the spray foundation so, all wasn't for naught, right? Thank goodness you didn't give in an buy the whole kit and caboodle!

  3. I got that same "lecture" from a lady at Nordstroms and that eye cream... yeah... had me sold until I found out how much it is. I could go get botox for less ;) Your beautiful! I am in the same boat, not tanning my face but tanning my body. Good times! They must see our carb deprived brains as easy targets!!!! LOL

  4. I'm worse when dieting... even worse in prep. I'll just go with whatever is easy and helpful to me to get my tired body home and in a bath. :)

  5. I just don't go shopping anymore...I can't be trusted. I tell myself, "I will just try it on to see how it looks..but no buying...."

    then before you know it I am justifying only buying 3 pairs of shoes and 1 dress instead of EVERYTHING.

    I keep a list on my phone of things I need. If its not on the list I tell myself I can't buy it. This is my new plan of attack anyways and it seems to be working. :)