Tuesday, June 21, 2011


If you ask any competitor what their typical day is like, chances are they'll tell you the exact times they eat and hit the gym. Routine and consistency are key to the success of competitors. While some people may consider our lifestyle boring (doing the same thing day after day after day), I consider it a necessary element to achieving my goals and making my dreams come true.

My typical day looks very similar to every other day of the week.

Morning Cardio

I'm notorious at turning my alarm(s) off and falling back to sleep several times a week. Thankfully (?), our animals have loud morning routines of howling, scratching, and licking themselves, all of which prompt me to crawl out of bed and sleepily swat at them.

I stumble to the dreadmill while clutching a new bottle of Endorush, and catch up on Twitter or read my book. I used to complain about cardio a lot, but honestly, I really don't mind it. I use this time to wake up, to get my body warmed up and moving, and to talk myself into a positive mood.

Although morning is my favorite time of day, I'm not a morning person by nature. I usually don't wake up in a chipper mood; I have to consciously channel my thoughts in a positive direction every morning. I take time to notice and appreciate little things like birds singing, sunshine streaming through the trees, my kitties giving themselves baths in front of the treadmill, and the puppies sleeping with their tongues out. I firmly believe we are each in control of our thoughts, and we all have the power to choose how we want to approach each day. Every day, I choose to start the day on a positive note.

How Bruno does morning cardio

I'm an eLearning Specialist, so I spend the majority of my day designing online training courses. I love the work I do. I'm always working on new projects, and I'm challenged often enough to avoid being bored. I have the luxury of being able to eat at my desk, so at various points during the day, co-workers find me hungrily digging into my Tupperware filled with turkey or brown rice.

Training and More Cardio

After work, J picks me up and we hit the gym. While I'm training, he's usually training clients. On the days he doesn't have clients, he trains me.

Relax and Get Ready for Tomorrow

When we get home from the gym, I eat and then get my meals and gym clothes ready for the next day. Since I'm usually running late in the mornings, having everything ready the night before eliminates a lot of additional stress.

I spend my evenings with J - talking, watching TV, or catching up online. We really appreciate the time we have together and just enjoy relaxing. Especially during prep, it's important to take some time to unwind and de-stress. Once prep is over and I have more energy, I'll be more active in the evenings, but for now, quiet evenings at home make me happy.

The beauty of my day is in the routine I follow. I know that the things I do day in and day out are setting me up for long-term success. And that's more exciting to me than anything else!

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  1. That was nice! I enjoyed reading it! Seems like even though our jobs & workout times r different, we all share the sucess of the routine!

  2. I really like this post! I'm in the process of trying to figure out a routine/schedule that fits in all the things I need to fit in now. It was nice to read yours. You're such an inspiration!

    PS - is it creepy to say I hope we meet in real life one day? Cuz I do.

  3. Thanks ladies!
    Dani - nope, it's not creepy at all! It'd be so cool to meet in person! If you're bored on Sat, July 9, you could always head over to Teaneck, NJ & watch a fun little show there called Team Universe. ;)