Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Scary Mr. Leg Press

There's a machine in the gym that scares me. He sits in the corner, lurking, sneering at me whenever I dare walk by. He taunts me and dares me to use him. We used to friends several years ago, but we've since grown apart, and now the distance between us is so great, I'm not sure we'll ever be as close. Because, quite frankly, I'm pretty sure he wants to hurt me. And not in an emotional way.

Meet Mr. Leg Press!

Scary, right?!
Why am I scared of the leg press?

I've got tendonitis in both of my knees from cheerleading in high school (yes, cheerleading IS a sport!), and my knees occasionally give out on me. I'm utterly terrified that my one of my knees is just going to randomly give out in the middle of a press, and the whole machine will come crashing down on me.

Is this fear reasonable or rational?

Meh, not really. There are safety catches that would stop it from crushing me. But the fear remains.

Despite all of the uncomfortable exercises I've had to do this year, I've been able to avoid the leg press for the most part. Until this past Monday.

Facing my fears

I approached the Mr. Leg Press with dread. He looked scarier than usual, so I gave myself the "I am a Champion" pep talk and started with a really light weight.

To my surprise, my knees didn't hurt at all, and I felt comfortable doubling the weight! By the time I was finished with all my sets, I wasn't so scared anymore. I'd made it through with no knee pain, and know that I can use even heavier weight next time. There's something to be said about that champion mindset.

While I still don't consider Mr. Leg Press my friend, at least I'm not as terrified of him anymore. And that's a start to rebuilding a friendship, right?


  1. I'm glad you're becoming friends again! I love him. lol! :)

  2. I love the leg press machine! I also do my calf extensions/raises on it. It's great first thing in the morning when I'm really not awake since you're kinda reclining on the pad :)

  3. Seriously. I'm not much for any quad machine. I have issues with both my knees and back and it is just hard to love Mr. Leg Press.

  4. Funny! The leg press scared me too. But I attacked it yesterday. However, it concerns me because I've always been told that the goal was to keep the knees from extending beyond the toe line, and when doing presses on this machine that just isn't happening. But, I'll have to play around a little...

  5. Leg press is my fave! Glad you're facing your fear! :)

  6. Well.... it looks like u can legpress alot! :)

  7. You are right. At the first instance of knee pain, we should quit the workout and see a podiatrists.

  8. This machine helps you build muscles in the leg area fast. I do not advise it to people with knee and ankle pain history.

  9. You can also have comfortable shoes when training. This helps in recovery.