Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Feeling Strong Again

During the last few weeks of prep, it's inevitable that I lose a bit of strength. My body is depleted, tired, and slightly overtrained. The goal changes from building muscle to just trying to maintain it until the show.

Now that the show is over, I get to go back to training heavy again, which is exciting for me! I get bored with high reps and prefer training with heavier weights and lower reps.

Last week, I discovered a new machine in the gym! I'd never noticed it before, tucked between scary Mr. Leg Press and the Dip cage.

The horizontal leg press!
Horizontal Leg Press
I tested it out with no weight, then loaded it up for some sets of 10.
270 lbs!
Unlike regular Mr. Leg Press, this guy doesn't scare me at all! I don't feel like the whole platform is going to come crashing down on me any second, and if my knee gives out, I'm not worried about being crushed by hundreds of pounds. This machine may be my new best friend!

Do you have a machine like this at your gym? What do you think of it?


  1. We have two different kinds, the incline one that you load up and have to lift a little, turn the handle out and go! Then get the handle back in when you're ready to stop. Sort of sounds like the scary one at your gym!
    Then, we have one sort of like this one, where there's nothing coming flying at you if for some reason my legs decide to kaput!
    Love doing leg presses though because I can actually lift big weight - well for me anyway, lol.


  2. I never use the silly leg press at my gym - it's too narrow and the angle feels wrong for my back. I'd rather just do stuff with the Oly bar.

    Just wanted to say that i read your entire blog last night and the night before...instead of going to bed before midnight...and i still got up at 0500 to hit the gym. ;)

  3. I hate both versions of the leg press ;)

  4. I don't love the leg press... but I do still use it! :)