Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mountains Out of Mole Hills

One of my mom's favorite sayings is "Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill." Meaning don't make little issues into huge problems! But I did exactly that this morning.

No More Caterpillar Brows!

Despite feeling prepared and confident last night, my mood shifted this morning at 8 am when I received a call from the salon. My beloved aesthetician is out sick today ... which means I need to see another aesthetician to fix up my unruly caterpillar brows and form them into works of art. This normally wouldn't be a big issue, as I'd just reschedule with her at a later date. But this time I can't. We're leaving for New Jersey tomorrow morning, so I need to see someone TODAY.

*Deep breath*

I don't give my trust easily when it comes to my brows, so I'm nervous about my appointment with someone else this afternoon. I plan to be very specific about my instructions. I may unintentionally scare the poor lady.

Getting Dark Enough

Then I got an email with my tanning appointment time on Friday. I was expecting two sessions, as that was the protocol in 2009, when I last worked with this company. I frantically read and re-read the email, hoping I somehow skipped over another appointment time. Nope. There it was: just one time. How is just one spray session going to get me dark enough??

*Deep breath*

I called the tanning company this afternoon, and the nice man reassured me that 2009 was "practically prehistoric" and their "precision and methods have greatly improved since then"! He also assured me that the team spraying at Team U is the same team that sprays at the Olympia, so I'm in good hands and I need to "just focus on your Figure body and let us handle the tan!"


I recorded a video this morning, but was just able to post it now. Can you all SEE the stress written all over my face?! EEK!

Just Little Mole Hills

Would these things stress out any of you? Didn't think so. But since I'm only 3 days out from the biggest show I've ever done, it seems like mole hills rapidly turn into mountains.

The other night I broke down when I couldn't remember whether or not to put seasoning on a batch of turkey I was making. Luckily, J completely understood and took charge of the situation while I helplessly stood in front of the stove with tears streaming down my face.

Thank goodness for my strong support system! I appreciate every word of encouragement and support I receive. Just a few simple words can have such a positive impact, and can really help me re-focus and re-prioritize everything swirling around in my mind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Only three more days! Stay tuned for some videos and updates this weekend!


  1. My mom says the same thing!! :) Totally understandable!

  2. I deeply appreciate your willingness to share your journey! I'm learning so much from you! Wishing you the best!

  3. OMG wait. first off. where in Jersey will it be? I wanna come see and scream for you if it's not far from us!!

    Second. ((HUG)) mountains out of molehills are acceptable when you're so close to a big ol show.

    You're going to kick so much ass i'm sooooooo excited for you. You work SO FREAKING HARD!!!! I'm just amazed.

    So seriously, where's the show? I hope it's close.

  4. Kari, you're so cute crying over seasoning. Hope your eyebrows turned out just fine. I'm sure they did. And I know the tan will be great. And we ALL know you're bringing your figure body!! Have the best time ever! You are going to ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Aw! I guess I always figured you have had plenty of encouragement so Ive stated mine sparingly. You are by far the most encouraging figure girl I know. Even just seeing your own progress and seeing you endure these last 20 weeks has helped me with my own journey. I always look forward to your blog posts because I feel that you give an honest look into the lifestyle and into a life of someone who wants that pro card badly. It makes me feel like I can get there. I've been looking forward to seeing you take this! It is yours Kari. There has been no guessing in your prep and there will be no guessing on Friday. Get it! :)

  6. Sending tons of support! U'll wow everyone at Team U! Just remember there are a bazillion of ur supporters out here cheering for u! *Big Hug!* No more mountains for u! U've climbed them all to get to Team U! XOXO!

  7. Im cheering for you my friend youre going to do AWESOME!

    getting spray tanned too ...for the first time so hopefully it turns out well : )

    Cannot wait to see your pictures


  8. I'm rooting for you, Kari!! You are going to kill it! Everything is a mountain when you are only 3 days out because you are bringing the BEST you to the stage! Climb that mountain, Girl, because at the top (on Friday) is where you'll be holding your PRO CARD!! *hugs*

  9. Good Luck and just breathe!! You put your heart and soul into this prep! No matter are a winner already :) Go rock that stage girl!!! Rooting for you!!