Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quarter Turn to the Right

One of the unique things about living with your coach is having impromptu posing sessions at midnight.

The other night, while I was practicing my quarter turns before I went to bed, when J walked into the room. Usually when I'm practicing my posing, he gives me a cursory glance and goes about his business. But this time, he asked me to hit all my quarter and model turns, and adjusted a few things on some of the poses.

A half hour later, we'd made several changes to some poses, and I had some new things to practice.

Blinged out new shoes
I've gotten asked a few times how often I practice posing. The answer is ... it varies. In the weeks leading up to a show, I practice a couple times a week. The last few weeks prior to the show, I practice nearly every day. I practice the pose itself: arm and leg placement, and once I have the feel of it, I practice holding each one for a period of time. You never know how long you're going to be on stage, so it's beneficial to be comfortable holding the poses for several minutes.

This past week, I've been practicing a couple times a day ... or more accurately, pretty much every time I walk by a mirror. Hey, you can never have too much practice, right??

I know that all the time I spent practicing is going to pay off next Saturday when I'm on stage hitting every pose without even thinking about it!


  1. omg! 6 more days!!! Rock that stage!

  2. I cant believe youre going to be on that stage in a week! Cheering for you!

    13 days for me!


  3. Nope, you have never practice too much! Pose baby, pose! :)

  4. Oh you got this! Your already a PRO at posing im sure!

  5. Haha! I do that too, pose almost every time I pass a mirror. :D You are going to be beautiful!

  6. Good luck! You are going to rock it!! :)