Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Treat Time!

Contest prep is inherently strict: food, supplements, workouts, and cardio are all scheduled and timed. There's very little leeway or room for deviation, and while on the one hand it's nice to follow a schedule, on the other hand, it can feel restricting at times. That's why it's so much fun to look forward to treats and fun activities after the show!

Because I had a photoshoot the day after Team Universe, I didn't want to eat too many sweets or goodies after the show. That didn't stop me from collecting them to eat later, though!

My parents and I went to the famous Carlo's Bakery on Sunday morning. I was there last Fall, but this was the first visit for my parents.

Cake Boss!
Dad & Mom Keenan
We waited in line for an hour and a half, but it was worth it!

This is my Happy Face

All the treats we bought!
Can you believe I waited until after the photoshoot to eat this stuff?
After my photoshoot, we headed into NYC to see Times Square. It was so overwhelming and fabulous!

Being a typical tourist in NYC
J and me in Times Square
After I finished my Carlo's treats on Monday, I kept my diet mostly clean the rest of the week, as I've splurged in the past and it resulted in horrible misery for me.

On Saturday, my friend Debi and I took a trip to Georgetown Cupcake. We'd been planning it for awhile, so we were both really excited about it.

Georgetown Cupcake

I didn't eat all of these; I shared a couple
It's been fun to enjoy some treats and to have a bit more energy again. It feels so freeing to be able to put spices and seasoning back on my food again, and to train heavy without fatiguing quickly. But oddly enough, even though I can have gum and Crystal Light again, I've found myself not really craving either of them. Plus, I feel totally ok going back to eating clean again. I feel better when I eat clean and I actually still enjoy my diet foods (I'm STILL not sick of turkey!).

I'm about 5 lbs over my contest weight, and I feel good. I feel healthy and happy. I'm looking forward to a productive off-season!


  1. All your treats looks yummy! ... but I'm with you, going all out is not my style and I feel much happier slowly increasing food and gettnig back to my "everyday"

  2. I love seeing your happy face!


  3. Lord, I was sick of turkey 2 days in! LOL! You look beautiful and happy Kari! I'll be looking forward to hearing what your off-season plans are and future competing plans!! :)

  4. You look beautiful in these pics, and your bod is simply stunning in the black top & denim shorts! Enjoy!

  5. I want to go to Carlos's Bakery! I watch that show and torture myself on many occasions :-p

    I love your blog btw :)