Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Post-Contest Blues Be Gone!

One of the most important part of prep is coming up with a post-contest plan. It's often over-looked, yet vitally important in order to avoid a bad rebound or the blues after a show.

As you may know, I also write guest blogs for FitnessRx. Last week, I wrote about dealing with the post-contest blues, which is a subject that has been gaining more and more attention the past couple years. When I first started competing, I had no idea what to expect during prep and no plan for post-contest. This grave error resulted in some severe metabolic damage that I just recently managed to remedy.

Last year was the first year I had an actual plan to follow off-season. Although I did gain some weight (which is inevitable when you're trying to build muscle), it came off very easily when I started prep for Team Universe. Not only is the post-contest diet and training plan beneficial for the weeks immediately following the contest, it also helps prepare you for shows the following year.

Do you have a post-contest plan? Has it helped you transition from prep into your off-season? If you didn't have a plan, did you get the blues or experience a frustrating rebound?


  1. I'm beginning to make mine now, I'm really wanting to avoid as much gain as I can. :)

  2. I have done several shows and never once followed a post show plan... I regretted it EVERY time. I have found that my body is NOT responding as easily as it used to, my metabolism seems to have some damage done to it. I get really frustrated just thinking about it but I am dying to get back on that stage so here we go.... I am meeting with a nutritionist in a couple of weeks in hopes of not only coming up with a 6 week plan but a post show plan! I think now I FINALLY get how important it is not to binge.

  3. I struggled with this both times post-comp, although the second time was way less because I knew what to expect. I think it's great to get this information out there though because I really had no idea until afterwards and thought there was something wrong with me. I think it's just like after you get married or have kids. The build up is so big and that day is huge and then, it's done. Thank you for putting this out there!

  4. Im going through this now :(

    I don't have a plan I don't know what to do and worst of all i don't know how to eat anymore. :S

    I am in the freak out slash i'm being ridiculous stage.

  5. I am officially starting my "off season" next week. Time to build some size and clean up the diet. If you have any tips or tricks please let us know. Take care.

  6. Hi, I do not compete, however I stay lean year round. As a nutritionist I have come to know my body over the years and managed to be able to do this. Of course it took many years to figure out! I am 42 now and my hubby tells me I could get a spray tan and be on stage any day of the week. I eat clean basically year round with a refeed once per month. I eat warrior diet style so I am never hungry in the evening and for me personally, I can work through the hungry feeling during the day. Anyways, I would recommend refeeding after a contest.. Eating clean carbs for a day or two of sweet potatoes, extra oatmeal, some fresh fruit..