Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another 550 Miles

Lately, I seem to have a slight obsession with shoes. I can't walk by a shoe store without noticeably slowing my stride, and I head directly to the shoe section in department stores. I've had to use strict discipline to not open the numerous DSW emails I receive each week announcing all the wonderful shoes I must have in order for my life to be complete.

I've come up with some perfectly reasonable (to me) justifications to warrant a few new pairs of dress shoes in the past couple months. When it comes to running shoes, though, I'm much more reluctant to part with my money.

Maybe it's because running shoes don't make my short legs look a mile long? Maybe it's because they don't give my calves that nice shape? Maybe it's because they all seem to kind of look alike? Whatever the reason, I always have a tough time spending money on running shoes.

According to most sources, running shoes should be replaced every 350-550 miles. I have no idea what that translate to in the gym since I'm definitely NOT a runner, so I replace my running shoes every 6-9 months or so, depending on wear. My current shoes were starting to hurt my feet, so I figured they must be within the 350-550 mile range.

I was surprised and elated when I discovered some Saucony shoes on sale at Marshalls and Ross last weekend! Last year, I stepped out of the box and bought black running shoes - a first for me! This year I found two great pairs of shoes: white and black to match every workout outfit!

Variety is the spice of life!
I broke in the white shoes today during morning cardio; it was so nice not to have sore feet when I stepped off the treadmill!

How often do you replace your running/gym shoes?


  1. Hi Kari! I found your blog via Fitness RX for Women and I'm so glad that I did! I'm really enjoying reading about your training and other thoughts. I replace my running shoes more often than usual, I think, because I've got really bad knees and I prefer shoes that are as close to barefoot running as you can get without actually being barefoot (so they seem to wear out quicker). I recently bought black running shoes too but I can't quite figure out how I feel about 'em. Happy to be following you!

  2. i change em about every 300-500 miles,depending on the shoe. some wear down faster than others!
    it would be great if someone could actually translate gym time into miles on shoes. im sure weight lifted, and all the reps done could put just as much stres,if not more,on a good pair of running shoes!
    love the shoes you got btw-super cute!

  3. I don't have a timeline... I think about every 6 mos... I'm sure with this contest prep, they're going to need to be replaced right after contest. :) lots of cardio done!