Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Change of Scenery

Lately, whenever I walk into my gym, I immediately feel crabby. Even if I'm just there to pick up J, I still feel crabby just pulling into the gym parking lot. My workouts haven't been intense, and I've been having difficulty staying focused and motivated. It's time for a change of scenery.

Last week, I bought a 10-time pass at the Gold's Gym down the street. I love Gold's and would get a membership there if I didn't know how difficult it is to end those memberships. (Srsly, I know some people who've been trying to get out of their memberships for a YEAR now. NOT cool.) It may seem cost-INeffective for me to pay for a gym when I have a free membership at my own gym (working the front desk has its benefits!), but I'm worried if I don't make some changes, I'm going to majorly burn out soon.

The best thing about Gold's, in my opinion, is the wide variety of group fitness classes. If I haven't already stated it, I adore group fitness classes! I've been lamenting the fact that my gym doesn't have them, so I was excited to take some of the classes at Gold's.

I used to take step classes all the time several years ago, but when I started seriously training for Figure, I focused only on the cardio I needed to fine tune my physique. Last week when I took the step class at Gold's, I felt like I'd reunited with a long lost friend! I'm a bit rusty on the footwork yet, but it's just like riding a bike - the skills will come back quickly.
Doesn't this look like fun?!
I also took the BodyCombat class for the first time. I didn't know what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be very similar to some cardio kickboxing classes I've taken in the past. There was a lot of punching and kicking, which was a great outlet for some hidden aggression!

I really enjoyed both classes and am glad I decided to take a look outside my own gym for some variety. When I asked a couple others if they experience the same feelings, and it turns out I'm not alone in needing some variety in my workouts and in my training environment.

Have you ever felt burned out or crabby every time you stepped in the gym? What did you do about it and how long did it take you to feel excited about working out again?


  1. I only ever feel crabby when I feel like I'm lacking a goal. So when I step into the gym, I make a goal for myself for even just that day. Like, just get a good burn. Idk... it always just seems to revolve around my goals.

  2. I hear you there Kari! 100%! I'm in search of a new gym too and I too love group classes. Must be the ex-cheerleader thing! :-) Step is my favorite but it's hard to find that class here anymore. The classes that are left just aren't fun enough. Miss my old step class! It was soooo fun! Have a great time at Gold's!

  3. i totally agree Kari :) have you tried turbo kick ? thats a fun high impact class, good music, fun instructors ( i actually became an instructor cause i loved turbo jam so much :) )

  4. Now you know why I LOVE BodyCombat & BodyAttack! I can't wait until I can start back up again!

    Way to refocus your effort!

  5. Body Combat is the BEST class in my opinion. I have gone in there very frustrated with my hubby and come out feeling like I just kicked his ass. Love it! :) Its always nice to have a change of focus once in a while. We all deserve that. I would take Body Combat 3 times a day over running on a treadmill! :)

  6. My gym offers 120 classes a week, from traditional step, Bodypump and spin, to pole dancing, exotic dance, hip hop, broadway dance, hot yoga and zumba. I would guess that 90% of members don't even use the actual gym.

    On top of my five day weights workouts, I try to do 2-3 classes a week. I'm trying to figure out how I can fit them into my contest prep because I'll be way too exhausted to maintain that plus all the extra cardio!

  7. What a great idea - buy a 10-time pass to another gym to change the scenery and get back into the groove. Cool.
    Hope you enjoy the new scenery.

  8. YES I absolutely get burned out at my gym and need a change of scenery. I'm a member at LA Fitness and we have a bunch of different locations, so I just switch it up. It helps keep me motivated even if I only visit a different gym once a week. I get tired of the same old faces too!

  9. OMG Kari! I could have written this exact same post (except that I havent ACTUALLY taken some classes) lol.

    But I have made a huge overhaul, I'll tell you about it soon!

  10. UGH..i feel crabby and burnt out and i haven't even done a show yet. i think lack of progress or destination is what's killing me, but i'm not sure i'm group class material. :-/