Monday, September 12, 2011

The Fastest Way to Get Blocked

One of the benefits of social media in the fitness world is the vast network of other fitness-minded, motivated people. Most of my "friends" on Facebook are online relationships with people I've never met in person. I do, however, have the fitness lifestyle in common with these people. I value all relationships I've made with people, whether online or in person.

What I do not value, however, is the influx of communication from "creepers" - usually men (but sometimes women) who feel it's appropriate to "poke" me on Facebook or try to chat with me. I don't find this communication welcome nor appropriate.

I've noticed that the amount of creeper communication I get is directly proportional to the type of photo I have as my profile picture. When I had this photo up, I didn't get any creepers trying to chat me up!

Cuddles from one of my favorite nephews!
But when I had this photo up, I got quite a few creepy requests.

Even though I love this photo, it seems to attract  the kind of attention I DON'T want!
This leads me to believe the creepers aren't really interested in getting to know Kari; they're interested in seeing girl-in-bikini pictures. Definitely NOT the kind of "friends" I want or need. A "poke" from someone I don't know is the fastest way for that person to be blocked. While the random "pokes" from weird men creeps me out, I also realize that unfortunately, creepers are inherent in the fitness industry.

Do you get weird communication or random "pokes" from strange men? If so, how do you manage them?

UPDATE: Facebook Pokes on 9/13/11. Who the heck are these dudes?! I don't know them, have never heard of them, yet they're "poking" me?! What the heck?! CREEPY!!
Nick & Kevin - you're now BLOCKED!


  1. SO true! I had the same expereince. I didn't add a lot of people as "friends" because I just don't trust them. Especially to see all of my personal info and pictures. I don't understand people. Get a life. The worst is when they take other people's photos and make fake profiles. really?

  2. Yes I do. I don't respond in any way unless I truly feel weirded out, then just block. I don't even play with that. I've had a stalker before, and I refuse to come close to that again.

  3. I block them. It grosses me out. I also NEVER use the Facebook chat feature. If I want to talk to a FB friend and I don't have their phone #, I just send them a PM.

  4. Block, block, block and IGNORE! This is why I just have shoes for my profile picture. I find it worse on Twitter than on FB. Man, there are some creepy people out there!!

  5. Ha! I only accept requests from people I've met in real life on Facebook, but my Twitter 'friends' are nearly all strangers to me. Eek.

  6. Sorry to hear that you get creepers on your profile. FB is a weird place indeed and that is perhaps why my profile is non-searchable but I do understand why you can't perhaps make yours like that. You have fans.