Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Could I Actually Do It?

What was your turning point that led you to fitness?

The topic for this week's Fitness Blog World is about a turning point that made me choose fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I tried to write this blog last week, but struggled with it, because quite frankly, there really was NO turning point for me because I've always been active and athletic.

Growing up, I played tennis and softball in leagues, and in high school, I attempted track, and was on the cheerleading squad and the dance team. In college, I dabbled on the tennis team for a year, and was a cheerleader for three years. Post-college, I joined a gym and took fitness and aerobics classes, weight trained, ran a bit (srsly, this was a short phase), and then took adult ballet classes for several years.

If there's any turning point regarding fitness in my life, I guess it'd be when I started competing in Figure.

Ever since I discovered a bicep in my scrawny arm during my freshman year of college, I was hooked on weight training. Although I wasn't very consistent about going to the gym every day, I trained hard when I was there. In 2005, when several people began asking me if I competed, I decided to look into it. After my initial reaction ("I have to eat the same thing every day for three months?! And I can't have cookies?! What kind of crazy person do you think I am?!"), I was intrigued enough to see if I could actually do it. Could I actually stand on stage in 5" heels and win a trophy?

Turns out I could.

My very 1st trophy
The second I stepped on stage, I was in heaven. The exact words that went through my head were, "I LOVE this!"

That turning point in my life led to some of the most rewarding adventures. Through competing, I've gained confidence in myself, learned to gracefully walk in 5" heels, smile through heartbreaking disappointment, met the love of my life, made some wonderful friends, and won a genuine Excalibur sword.

One of my most prized possessions
I've also learned how food affects my body and that I can be in complete control of how my body looks at all times. When I feed it healthy foods, I look and feel better. When I consume too much Halloween candy, I look and feel worse.

I love knowing that I have the knowledge I need to live the life I want to live. I love having such a strong, solid support system: J, my family, my friends (both online and in person), and the BoB ladies.

I wouldn't choose any other lifestyle over a fit lifestyle!


  1. "that I can be in complete control of how my body looks at all times" -- i'm still learning this, Kari, but it sure doesn't take long, does it??

    Looks AND feels, in fact.

  2. You're so cool, Kari. Confession time: I just read both of your blogs about how you and Jerry met... I may or may not have shed a tear in how cute you two are. :)

  3. I love how my body has gotten so used to clean eating - it freaks out when I give it any junk. I'm like you, though, I've always lived a pretty active and healthy life so never really had a massive turning point :)

  4. Aloha, I am a new member at FBW and participated in my first post with everyone this past friday. I got to read your post on the subject given to all of the women to write about..I loved reading your "Turning Point"
    I too have won a Excalibur Sword, mine was at a Golds Gym Natural Body Building Classic in Hawaii.. I love mine too!
    I just started my blog in Aug, so I am new to a lot of this blogging, but have made a few good friends like Kristy from "Ready in 5 Weeks" and a few others on FBW.. I will follow your blog as well =)