Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Have you ever gotten to the gym, opened your gym bag, and realized you forgot an essential item? It's happened to me more times than I can count. I pack my bag the night before as a precaution, yet I still sometimes overlook important clothing articles. (I can't even begin to imagine how many things I'd forget if I packed my bag in my half-asleep state in the morning!)

As a result, I've trained in the following conditions:

  • Without socks
  • Wearing a regular bra instead of a sports bra
  • In Doc Martins
  • In flip-flops
  • Wearing my hair down instead of in a ponytail (forgot my hair band)
  • In long pants for cardio (which I despise) instead of shorts
  • Wearing jeans
  • Wearing shoes from the lost and found (relax - I remembered my socks, which prevented potential foot diseases)
Do you sense a trend with the shoes and socks?

Last week, I opened my gym bag and searched in vain for my running shoes before I realized I'd left them at home. Since I'd slept through morning cardio time (it was THAT kind of day), I hadn't followed the routine of taking my shoes off and immediately putting them in my gym bag after cardio. All I had with me that day were my 4" high heels and my flip-flops.

Cardio Attire!
I donned my flip-flops and proudly flip-flopped across the gym. It was a cardio-only day, so I didn't have to worry about dropping any weights on my poor lil exposed toes. I headed for the recumbent bike because the combination of the dreadmill and flip-flops seemed dangerous.

I completed my cardio without any mishap, and happily flip-flopped back to the locker room.

Gotta do what ya gotta do!

Have you ever forgotten an essential gym item? How did you improvise and still get your workout done?


  1. I did a treadmill run in socks before...if anyone noticed they didn't show it.

    I tend to forget sportsbras, and usually on the day I have a cardio kick class or something bouncey. Not a good look.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your boo!

  2. I have done it too. Mine seems to be socks though and I absolutly hate wearing tennis shoes with out socks. The workout gets done and even though I feel like everyone knows I am not wearing socks, I seriously doubt they would even care. :)

  3. HAHAHA! That is so awesome. Btw, I totally pack my gym back at night too.
    I have on numerous occasions worn my trouser socks at the gym! And have DEFINITELY forgot a hair band on a thousand occasions. Which with my super long hair always makes me feel funny... I get looked at like I'm trying to get attention throwing my hair all over the place when I run. HAHAHA! Whatever. We keep it classy, don't we! ;)

  4. I hate forgetting a bra to change into, therefore wearing a sweaty bra all day. Ew. Gross.

    When I forget my hair tie, I just grab a rubber band from the gym staff. I once used the kind of large black clip used for paper.

  5. ipod -or sometimes go to turn it on at the gym and its flat aaarrrggghhh. i hate the music they play at the gym and need my own for motivation. its never a 100% workout when that happens!!! great post btw!

  6. I'm surprised your gym lets you in there in flip flops - my gym will only let you in if you're wearing proper shoes and no jeans!

    I workout first thing in the morning, so my gym bag is packed with my work clothes. I have forgotten to pack a bra and underwear countless times. It's either wear my same sweaty bra or go commando - and I'd definitely rather go commando haha

  7. Kudos to you! I would definitely still work out in flip flops and with hair down (if I had long hair), but I'm pretty sure if it came down to jeans I'd skip my workout :P

  8. I've done this a lot. My most common is forgetting a sports bra and working out in a regular bra.

    I'm surprised about the flip flops and denim. Our gym won't allow you to work out with either of them!

  9. I usually forget socks every 8th or 9th day, so now I have a 'back up' pair in my bin at the YMCA. Got to love the little storage locker that is just for me. :) The worst is when you forget something for WORK...like your bra and your sports bra is dripping sweat. Yes...I borrowed a bra from a girlfriend. hah!

  10. hahahah I always think people look so awkward in jeans.... i've only seen men do it. but hey, at least you get in your workout!!