Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Under the Weather

My latest FitnessRx article is about whether or not you should work out if you're sick. According to the research I did, it's okay to work out if your symptoms are above the neck. If they're below the neck, you should take some rest days out of the gym.

This past week, I've been battling a garden variety cold: sneezing, sore throat, coughing, and mild fatigue. I didn't have much energy (although that didn't stop me from doing some Christmas shopping!), and basically felt like pooh. After enthusiastically shopping for an hour or two, I was completely spent, and chilled on the couch for most of the day on Sunday.

On Monday, J had me do an Active Recovery workout because I still wasn't feeling up to par. Oddly enough, I left the gym feeling better than I did when I walked in. It seems like every time I'm feeling a bit under the weather, I have a good workout! Yesterday I did my regular workout, albeit apprehensively. But it went well and again, I felt better when I walked out of the gym. I'm glad I didn't skip those workouts!

Today is my normal cardio-only day, which allows my body to relax and rest a bit. I'm finally feeling better, so the weights better watch out because tomorrow I'll be ready to train hard again!

Do you still go to the gym when you have a cold? Do you feel better after your workout too?


  1. My sensei always told us that the best way to beat a cold is to sweat it out (sound advice) so unless I'm really achy and fatigued, I like to go and at least do cardio when I'm sick. I ALWAYS feel better after going, I think because when you feel your worst, the only possible outcome (from exercise) is to feel better!

  2. I go to the gym as long as I feel like I can. I had the stomach flu last week which knocked me on my butt for a couple of days. This week its sore throat, headaches and congestion... but I feel like sweating it out helps so much so off to the gym I go :) Glad your feeling better!

  3. I just posted on active recovery workouts! Ha but I definitely think working out when you sick comes down to how you feel. Some days I have gone to the gym feeling awful but left feeling amazing, while other days I swear I've felt the exact same, tried to work out and almost vomited everywhere.

  4. I definitely don't advocate going to the gym when sick. Perhaps I'll feel differently if I get sick closer to comp. But right now, I treat getting sick as a sign to stay home in bed and do nothing.