Thursday, November 10, 2011

Veering Off Plan

One of the benefits of having a trainer is that I have a set training plan that's designed specifically for me to help me reach my goals. I don't have to spend hours reading incorrect information on the internet and then using that misinformation to create a training program that may or may not be effective. My trainer already has all the knowledge I need in order to be successful.

Now the challenge is to actually follow that program!

I sat down with J and we discussed what happens when a client veers off a training program because she likes aerobics classes. We also discussed what happens when a client goes against doctors' orders and does an exercise she's not supposed to do in order to properly heal an injury just because she wants to "win" in class.

Do you find yourself adding extra things to your training program too? Are you guilty of taking some classes that aren't on your plan? Or of going for an extra run just because it's your favorite time of year to run outside? How does it affect your goal plan?


  1. This made me laugh, you guys are so cute! Okay COMBAT is my FAVORITE class too... I swear I need it... I need to kick the airs butt at least a couple of times a week. That is my main form of cardio though, that and plyo's and if I had to give it up... I might cry :( HOWEVER, you always have to listen to your trainer. ;)

  2. I do have to admit that towards the end of my prep... I think I got myself sick. I ran outside, instead of doing the stairmill or easy cardio like my trainer said... Not knowing, that I was growing Fall Allergies. Which lowered my immune system and I got pneumonia. It was beautiful to run outside for the last part of my prep.... but detrimental to finishing a contest that I had prepped 18 weeks for. Gah. That will NEVER happen again.

  3. I had a client who did this! She kept doing 2 a day classes because "she really liked them", but kept wondering why her body wasn't coming in the way she needed it to!
    Most people pay for a trainer, why waste your money if you're not gonna listen to them!?
    Ok, mini rant done. Glad you figured out what was going on and are feeling better:)

  4. More is not better...unfortunately. I hate that! :)

    Say no to heart attack-esque pain. lol!

  5. You two are too funny!