Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Case of the Fallen Tree

We make no secret of the fact that Christmas is J's and my favoritest holiday. We both love Christmas decorations, presents (giving and receiving), and family time. This year, in our enthusiasm for the impending celebrations, we decided to put our Christmas tree up in November. BEFORE Thanksgiving.

This is J's explanation: We're adults, so we can set our own rules. We don't HAVE to wait until after Thanksgiving to put up our tree.

Okay, I can go with that.

So we put up the tree and got halfway through decorating it before we lost interest in decorating. (We still haven't finished decorating it and keep tripping over the decoration boxes in the living room).

Our animals, while curious, aren't destructive (unless you count Ginger's magazine shredding habit destructive). While we were decorating, they "helped" by sniffing the ornaments, tripping us on our journeys to and from the decorations boxes to the tree, and chewing on the fake pine cones attached to the tree branches.

Bruno, Nikko, and Ed "helping"
Once the tree was up, Ed decided to check it out further.

Pretending to be "casual" under the tree

Being "sneaky"

Pretending to "just sniff" the pine cone, with no intention of chewing on it. Yeah right!
Last week as I was pulling into our driveway, I realized I couldn't see the tree in the front window. With a sinking feeling, I unlocked the front door and discovered this:

Thank goodness the TV was off to the side!
Now let me be clear: the tree was solidly standing when I left the house earlier. Who tipped it over? It could've been any of the four possible culprits, or a combination thereof. They all looked guilty, if you ask me. 

Surprisingly (and much to my relief), only two ornaments were damaged. Our tree decorating ADD actually came in handy, because we didn't have many ornaments on it yet.

This was the first time I've ever had an animal tip over a tree. I'm still wondering how it happened!

Back to its upright position
Have any of your animals or kids tipped over a tree? Were you there to witness it? Did anyone get hurt? (Hope not!)


  1. OH my gosh that's hilarious. I especially love the picture of Ed up in the tree, that's awesome. My dogs bump into ours but i think that's it. My kids though, like to take the ornaments off and play with them. Wouldn't you just love to leave a video camera up one day just to see what those rascals do all day?

  2. Our dogs have yet to experience a Christmas tree. :) This year will be the first whenever we get around to chopping one down.
    They do, however, REALLY love to get into the garbage can outside, knock it over, and then drag trash all over the lawn. Yeah, they did just do that yesterday. And I would LOVE to see a video of your babies and what they do all day. :)

  3. Haha YES! My cat on his own knocked over my Christmas tree a few years ago. He used to attack all the ornaments and lights and one day he jumped up and knocked the whole thing over. I was at home so I got to see it. I think he shocked himself and then became scared of the tree. You're so lucky it didn't land on the TV!