Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas & the Devil Machine

This past weekend, J and I drove up to the Ocean State to visit his family for Christmas. Before we left, we came up with a plan of action for our cardio and training: we planned to train at a gym on Friday and Saturday, and get our morning cardio in by walking outside.

On Friday afternoon, we went to World Gym, where we usually train when we're up there. The first thing I noticed this time was that there were NO other women there. Zero. The gym was mostly empty to begin with, but I quickly realized that I was the only female. I shrugged and got to work. By the time I'd finished my workout and was on the dreadmill, I saw a few other ladies on the cardio deck (what is it with women doing only cardio?!).

While all the weights felt suspiciously heavier than usual, it was fun to train at a different place than my home gym. Plus, the lighting in this gym is the best I've ever seen. Everyone looks amazing while they're training! I may or may not have hit a few random poses in between sets. :P

Due to a case of the fleas (on our dogs), we had to head home two days earlier than planned, so we didn't go back to the gym or do our outside morning cardio walks.

Back at home, we both spent quality time with Mr. Treadmill at home, and got ready to head to our home gym to train on Monday. Except we didn't realize the gym closed at 4 pm! Instead of scrapping the workout, we decided to head to Gold's to train. Remember back in September when I got a pass to Gold's because I needed a change of scenery? It's still really nice to have the option to train elsewhere once in awhile!

I tried a new lateral raise machine and discovered that it's the devil incarnate. Srsly. It was a humbling experience as I knelt in front of it (literally), took the pin out of the weight stack and attempted to use the machine with NO weight. It felt SO heavy! After 14 years of training, you'd think I could use a lateral machine with at least some weight! Nope.

Me humbling myself before the Devil machine.
Completely dejected, I finished the set and then tried to raise my arms. Nothing happened. I tried again. I could move them an inch. Clearly the machine was effective. But I still maintain that it's the Devil.

Notice the full weight stack just sitting there while I struggle with NO weight.
It was fun to train at a couple different gyms this weekend, but it sure felt nice to be back in my home gym again today!

Did you train at any different gyms this weekend? How did your workouts go?


  1. You know, I often wonder if the folks who see me in the mornings at one of the gyms that I go to think that I am a "cardio queen." =\ It's just that I normally do my cardio in the morning, then I have work with my trainer in the evenings with weights when I don't have my workouts on my own.

    I didn't this weekend (different gym), but I did the weekend before & will be at another different one tomorrow too.

  2. Lapetitemort - I can tell from your physique that you're not just a Cardio Queen. :) (Yep, I checked out your blog!) Training at different gyms can be fun sometimes! Enjoy your workout tomorrow!

  3. My gym was closed for 3 days over the holidays so I got to work out at my husband's gym. I tried some new exercises too! It's always interesting to play around with equipment which you don't normally have access to :) I have a love/hate relationship with lateral raises - it's so hard to increase the weight!

  4. Love (um, not really) new machines, new movements or, in some cases with my trainer, new plyo combinations! I usually look like a goofball, awkward & uncoordinated, because it's new & I'm not used to it yet! Before you know it, I'm okay with it & ready to move on to the next new execise so I can look ridiculous once again!

  5. Didn't do a different gym, but did make it to the gym! :) I felt really proud that I was able to run again. Hope you had a great Christmas, Kari!

  6. The Gold's we went to has a few different machines most gyms don't have. This lateral machine being one of them. They also have a really interesting chest press, and a lat pulldown pin selector cybex that I rarely see anywhere.

    Despite the lack of energy or intensity in the gym its still a great place to hit once in a while just to break up the same old same old, and it helps you appreciate the usual gym you train in a little more.

  7. Sounds like a most interesting trip to the gym, Kari. :)

    I skipped my Monday workout as we were still celebrating Christmas with my g/f's Mom that night. I made up for it last night tho. :)

    Also, try doing lat raise sets with a cabled universal leg strap around your upper arm, just above the elbow. Use the same range of motion as you would a normal lat raise, except that the finished movement will resemble the "Chicken Dance" by more than a little.

    The end result, a massive delt workout, is more than worth it. It's my fave delt isolation workout.

  8. John and I went to a different gym while visiting my mom. Generally, I don't like too much change (I know exactly what and where the machines are at my home gym, what are the best times to go, etc.) but this gym had a lot of different equipment so it was good to hit some angles I don't always get to.

  9. Awwww! Thank you!
    I often worry, though I don't know why? I guess I'm still insecure because I'm new at all this!

  10. I just got a membership to a second gym as well--I agree that a change of scenery is definitely necessary when training! My primary gym has been the local Gold's but I'm trying to move away from it because they tend to let problems and broken equipment sit for a long time before fixing them. What I would give for a home gym!!

  11. That machine looks like a beast..not sure I should feel sad or happy that my gym doesn't have one! :)