Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Keenan Family Christmas

This past weekend, J and I flew out to Minnesota to celebrate (early) Christmas with my family. We celebrated Christmas at this time last year too, as flights are about half the cost earlier in December than later in the month.

After several adventures early Friday morning (distracting the dogs while J loaded the suitcases in the car, sneaking out of the house so the dogs wouldn't freak out, getting lost on the way to the hotel parking lot, getting a visit from a police officer for being stopped in the middle of an off-ramp, getting a police escort to the hotel parking lot, racing to park the car in order to catch the airport shuttle, over-tipping the shuttle driver for waiting for us, and waiting an extra 45 minutes for a "mechanical issue" on the plane), we finally arrived in Minnesota.

We spent most of Friday visiting with my parents, then hit up the grocery store, went to the gym to train, and met up with my brother's family for Family Portrait Night at J.C. Penney and then dinner afterward.

The Keenan Klan!
We celebrated Christmas on Saturday! That morning (after cardio), I took my nephew out shopping with me to pick up a few last-minute items (for some reason, airlines discourage carry-on items like snow shovels). Then we opened presents!

Jeffrey & me showing off our new slippers
The boys modeling their new matching Under Armour shirts
I visited a few friends on Sunday, and then we went out to eat for J's birthday, which is next week.

Jess and me - we've been friends since we were kids!
Krissy and me with her daughter, Kali. Friends since middle school!
J finally got to experience the epic Birthday Burrito!
On Monday, we hung out with my parents and nephews, and then headed home.

Chillin' with Baby James
Hangin' with Jeffrey
It's always so much fun to visit relatives and friends! I'm glad I got to spend some quality time with them. Hanging out with them always fills up my Emotional Tank.

A Keenan Family Christmas
Do you go home for the holidays? Do you live near your family? What's your family Christmas tradition?


  1. Love this! Very nice summary. We miss you!

  2. Thank you, Kari! What a fun way to catch up with you and your family - loved all the pictures!! Give my best to Jeff and your folks ~ Ann

  3. Aww the boys are so cute!! I hear you about expensive flights - to fly to my home town across Australia it's almost $1000 per person return. I never even thought of doing Christmas early!

  4. Awe!! Your nephews are so stinkin adorable!!! I don't know why I kept thinking you were from Montana, but so glad you had a lovely Christmas holiday with your family!! :)

  5. Awww!!! I'm glad that you had such a wonderful time with your family!


  6. Family is the best!!! :) I am so glad you had such a fabulous trip. :)

  7. Hi Kari, I know this is totally off-topic, but I was wondering how you got involved with writing fitness articles for FitnessRx. I'd love to be a fitness writer someday, so just hoping you could share any tips or advice :) Thanks!


  8. Tess - A friend of mine connected me with the online editor of FitnessRx. If you're looking to write for a magazine or website, think of what you could offer them. Think of ways to present your abilities and how you can HELP them succeed. Best of luck!