Monday, January 30, 2012

Do Unto Others

When Al Gore invented the Internet in the early 1990's (ha ha), he opened up a world of possibilities and a source of information we never knew we always wanted. With the advent of social networks in the early 2000's, private conversations and lives suddenly became public information.

I realize when I post things on social networking sites and here on my blog that I'm opening myself up to comments and criticism. By making parts of my life private, I'm vulnerable to the opinions of friends and strangers. I should have a thick skin, but the truth is, I just don't. Things people write in response to my posts sometimes hurt me. But on the other hand, some responses lift me up and remind me why I live parts of my life publicly.

I've made some wonderful, caring friends online - most of whom I've never even met in person. I'm thankful for the connections I've made and the enrichment virtual friends have brought to my life.

It's the interactions from thoughtless, rude, and just plain MEAN people that I want to highlight here, though.

As some of you may know, I have many videos posted on my Youtube channel. Some are vlogs that I've posted on my blog, some are training videos, and some are silly videos of J and me. All of my videos are public and anyone is allowed to comment. Usually I'm excited when I receive comments on the videos; however, lately, my heart drops when I receive a comment notification email. Because for some reason, I've received several negative, rude, and hurtful comments. I've removed most of them, but left some of them in the interest of our 1st amendment right to free speech.

Since the comments are/were public, I figured it wouldn't hurt to call these people out on their rudeness.

TheAustralianMade has made a comment on Kari Keenan - Smith Machine Leg Press:
Nice range of motion... Not.
TheAustralianMade decided that he knows more about how to properly perform the Smith Machine Leg Press than I do. The point of this video was to show a different method and angle of leg press. My intention was not to do a full range of motion, as my feet were slipping on the bar.

AwestaKhalid has made a comment on Kari Keenan - Dumbbell Clean and Press:
I have nothing against cleaning w/dumbbells as opposed to a barbell but she doesn't have enough weight to do it right. the point of a clean is to generate force from your lower body to help get the weight up. The weight is so light that she can actually do the exact same thing w/o even using her legs, jsut her arms. And if that's the case either up the weight or the exercise is useless.

AwestaKhalid decided to critique my dumbbell clean and press exercise. This video was made when I was about two weeks out from the Arnold. I was depleted, had little strength, and still had some fat to burn. So J decided to add this exercise to my workout for some variety and to add a bit more movement in an exercise for fat burning purposes.

bettertroll has made a comment on Kari Keenan - Lateral Raises:
no tits, build like a guy. alex ill take $200 it has a penis
This was one of the more hurtful comments simply because I'm a bit sensitive about the fact that I'm small chested. Even off-season, I'm not all that big, so when I diet down during prep, there's really not much left. I've thought seriously about getting implants, but have decided that it's cheaper and easier to get a similar look with some magical VS bras (srsly, check them out - they're amazing!). The problem is, I don't wear those bras while training, so the sports bras I wear mash down what little is there to begin with. Also, this video was also filmed when I was two weeks out from the Arnold, and was very lean.

The other reason this comment upsets me is because Bettertroll (srsly - what kind of name is that anyway?!) assumes that I'm not natural. Maybe I should take that as a compliment because it means I can achieve an unnatural look without pumping illegal and dangerous substances through my body?? Bettertroll, sorry to tell you that you just lost that round of Jeopardy. Last time I checked, I'm still all female, baby.

ADZ01982 has made a comment on Kari Keenan - Cable Preacher Curls:
After spending three hours on YouTube how the hell did i end up here ?
This one actually made me laugh. Sorry, ADZ01982 that you spent three hours on youtube watching educational and highly informational videos and then somehow ended up on my preacher curls video. Hope you were at least entertained.

SexualStrat has made a comment on Kari Keenan - Cable Preacher Curls:
How about you "demonstrate" the anavar pills (STEROIDS) you swallow daily instead.
(I'm really starting to dislike these 100lb cocky juiced up American bitches who think they're special and call themselves "baby..." or "lil..." or "girly...". It's an out of control epidemic. You fuck and use a guy for steroids and then swallow/inject them. That is all. You're not special. Now proceed to block me and write "I can't believe anyone would accuse me of using steroids. I'm 100% natural")
I saved the "best" for last. From watching me train biceps two weeks before a show, SexualStrat has deduced that I am a steroid-popping, lying bitch who thinks I'm special. I'm not sure how he managed to make that assumption from a short video of bicep curls. First of all, I'll reiterate yet AGAIN that I'm natural. What others choose to take and do is their concern, not mine, and I don't judge. Again, maybe I should consider it a complement that he thinks I look unnatural? He's completely incorrect in every single one of his assumptions except that fact that I blocked his ass faster than you can say "What an asshole!"

And in case anyone is wondering, "babytatten" (which is my screen name most everywhere) actually means "baby kitten" because I love baby kittens. Yep, it means nothing more than that. I don't call myself "baby" or "lil" or "girly"; my username simply makes me smile because I think of baby kittens.

While I appreciate the fact that people spend some time reading and watching the things I post online, I wonder why someone would take the extra time to be negative and mean. What is the point? Do these people have such an inferiority complex that they feel the need to put others down in order to make themselves feel better? If so, the Christian in me pities them. At the same time, the Minnesota-nice in me wonders why they think it's ok to be mean.

It's ok to provide constructive criticism or to ask questions. It's not ok to be mean and disrespectful. It all goes back to the Golden Rule (which we all should've learned in kindergarten or before):

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

For those of you who have blogs or post videos, do you ever receive negative comments? If so, how do you handle them?


  1. Oh yes. I've been told that I'm a horror to all men who have seen me. And by the same person that they hope that I choke on my god awful food and die.

    That was a few years ago and it still resonates with me, obviously. It made me restrict any anonymous comments from my blog - which that person posted as.

    I don't handle them well. I think because I would never go to someone's blog or posts on a social network and be heartless and cruel. It kills me that others are just that.

  2. I love this blog! Im not sure why people would take the time to watch the video then post something negative. Besides...why are they watching these vids? For motivation? seems like these are mostly men, whom are creepy and schmoe like who like to look at girls workout but wont do it in the gym because they would be outed as creepy and gross.

    Ive seen many good and bad videos, some i like some i didn't but see no reason for the negativity. Im prouda you for calling them out, and unfortunately via the internet its easy for these creepy people to have access to the videos which are meant to be informative and to educate as well as help promote the blog.

    Like i said, im prouda you, but on a side note, i think the videos are just fine and dandy! ;)

  3. Ugh! This really pisses me off! Obviously, these people are uneducated idiots, but still... I don't care how stupid they are... they could still be nice. Isn't that just the way it goes though, the weak see someone strong and vibrant and try to snuff them out. I say we just shine all the brighter, let those jerks fuel our fire!!! <3

  4. I agree with Mr. J. It never ceases to amaze me how nasty people feel entitled to be on the internet and I would have to imagine it's mostly because they are pathetic little nobodies who can only make themselves feel better by being horrible and insulting to others. It's very cowardly.

    As someone who does not blog or vlog or have much private information on a public forum this was an interesting view from your perspective. It really does serve as a reminder to others that the people who write the articles and post the videos do, for the most part, have nothing but good intentions behind them and if people would just stop to think about that first then perhaps they would step down off their pedestals and take a dose of humility.

    Also, totally with you on the baby kitten thing. ;)

  5. This is so true Kari! I really liked this blog. It is way to easy for people just to be mean in the anonymity of internet. I actually liked your smith machine leg press I learned something new from it :)

  6. People are stupid - bottom line. I'm so pissed that I'm going to stop typing before I start sounding like a crazy person :)


  7. I have noticed an EXTREME amount of this going on lately. Even on family blogs where friends are talking about their kids or events that go on in their lives. I am saddened by the people who would write such negative and hurtful things. I as a blog reader, tend to get really defensive and right something sorta rude back to these mean comments on blog authors blogs usually. I see and read things ALL the time, everywhere that I do not agree with and sometimes even things that ENRAGE me. But to those things, I practie the rule of "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." It is unfortunate so many people weren't raised by parents like ours that taught us those important rules.
    At the end of it all, I think the fact that you are willing to put yourself out there to help motivate and inspire others, sometimes opening yourself up for critiscism makes you brave and kind. Some people are not kind, and at the end of the day, they have to live with the hurtful horrible things they have said... keep on doin your thing, and REMEMBER the amount of people you have influenced for the good, HIGHLY outweighs the people who are jerks and somehow, and unfortunatly, get placed in your path.

  8. I'm about to rant and rave about this crap. Deeeep breath. Isn't it amazing that they can see a video you made and automatically assume everyting?! You're teeny tiny, anyone who would accuse you of using steriods... hasn't seen you. lol

    I get the flat thing a lot, it does hurt my feelings because I'm also insecure about it. Its like catching someone talk about you behind your back, except its not so behind your back. :(

  9. Wow, what horrible comments!! I have never once thought that you weren't natural!! Youtube seems to be the absolute worst in terms of hateful comments, because it's completely anonymous. People will say anything if they know they have no chance of being uncovered.

  10. Wow. I know it happens, but I am still so shocked every time that people can be so mean. I agree with you that the people that make comments like that are sad, unhappy people that need to put others down to make themselves feel better.

    You keep being you! I love your blog!

  11. Some people have nothing better to do than complain, whine, and be dumb. It doesn't mean that it isn't hurtful though. I know what you mean. I hate those kinds of comments. If they are especially rude and vulgar, I just delete them. They are the ones that look stupid. I have decided that at least I am making content that is interesting enough for someone to comment on. hah! You're an amazing and sweet woman, to heck with these strange me that still live in their mom's basement. :D

  12. Thanks for all the sweet comments. I normally don't post negative things on here, but felt it was time to call these people out. I appreciate all of you and your support. You guys rock!

  13. For the love babe. That's just ridiculous. Some people have nerve I tell ya. I'm the same way, I wish I had thick skin too but I just don't. I can tell you not to mind these jerks because they are everywhere, lurking on the internet, complaining and making fun of everyone. They obviously don't have lives and are just jealous. seriously. People annoy me. But just know, you are better than them, in all aspects.

  14. Wow, I am just horrified about those comments! How can people be so rude? You know Kari I admire you and a lot of people that despite how tired or busy they are put time and effort in working out, not just " going to the gym" but actually commiting to exercising and building a better physique.

  15. I have just found your Blog and Love to learn and read how you train and compete. Those people who make terrible comments have to do it to make themselves feel better.... Someone who is confident in themselves would not put others down!! Isn't that the way of life.... try to make someone look bad to promote yourself?.... Let's try something new and be postive and happy for others when they are going after something the want and love!... Who are you hurting by sharing what you love? Don't like it.. don't watch it... Simple!!.... I think that you look great and your going after something you love! BE STRONG and don't worry about what RUDE people have to say! You are a inspiration and I admire you!!

  16. Kari,

    I had meant to leave this comment earlier, but I kept revising it. Strong, fit women will always be one of the most polarizing / terrifying things to both men (they feel emasculated and insignificant) and women (inadequate and jealous of your fit self).

    However, that leaves NO reason for them to treat you in this fashion. Like many guys, I have a "threshold" when it comes to female athletes in terms of "how much muscle is too much". I'll be keeping that to myself, because in the end it doesn't matter - I'd never roast a woman for what I consider "too much muscle" anyway.

    Just in case you're wondering - no, I don't think you have "too much" muscle. :)

    These outbursts are sadly just expressions of what likely scares their authors to the point of panic. For what it's worth, I'd smack each of them with a trout just for being so rude in their treatment of you. You work hard for what you want and you should be proud of that. NEVER let anyone take that away from you.

    As I hope you know, you're one of the people I've met via Twitter who genuinely inspires me with your work ethic and dedication. Please don't change.

    All my best, Kari. :)


  17. Wow, what a bunch of mean a$$holes. Kari, your dedication and focus is inspiring. And you look fantastic. Keep up the great work!