Monday, January 23, 2012

Keenan Family Vacation!

HELLO!!! I'm back and I've missed you all!

This past week (Jan 13-20), I was in Cozumel with my family for a wonderful paradise vacation! J and I met my parents, brother, SIL, and two nephews at El CozumeleƱo Beach Resort last Friday.

View from our room!
My family arrived a few hours before we did (did you know there's no direct flights to Cozumel from the DC area?!), so we immediately changed into our suits when we got there, and headed down to the pool!

J and Jeffrey announcing they're #1
The next day, we woke up to a light rain. After discovering that two of the treadmills in the gym didn't work, and the third had a speed max of 1 mph (srsly?!), I hit the beach for a quick run. It felt nice to run, and I got to explore the lots next to the hotel. After breakfast, we headed to downtown San Miguel to go shopping. The rain held off for awhile, but once it started, it came down in sheet! Rivers formed on all the side streets, and everyone's running shoes got soaked (except for me - I was wearing sandals). We bought rain ponchos and continued shopping - we're troopers!

The ponchos were totally worth the $4 a piece!
While in one of the malls, we took some pictures with Macaws.

The next few days were beautiful weather! We spent most every day lounging on the beach, reading, and swimming.

Jeffrey and me playing in the pool
J got food poisoning one day. Beware of the room service cheeseburgers! Luckily, he was feeling better the next day.

J and James have the same hair style!
We took the ferry to Playa del Carmen one day. We swam at the public beach, then walked down 5th Avenue and poked our heads in shops. The sand is so much nicer in Playa del Carmen! It's white and fine with fewer stones and shells. We had a great time jumping the waves!

Here are a few more pics of some fun times on the beach.

Love me my pink floaty!

James and Jeffrey looking adorable, as usual

Snuggling James at the pool
We dressed up for dinner every night. There was a buffet and a fancy restaurant. We ate at the fancy place one night, but mostly favored the variety of the buffet.

Keenan Family!

J brought a bunch of meal replacements and homemade protein bars, so we supplemented with those throughout the day or when we were in town and needed a healthy snack. Every morning, I went for a walk with my parents, or for a run by myself. I love that my family is also healthy-conscious!

My camera broke on the second day, and my brother's camera also broke later on in the week. We resorted to using my dad's camera as "THE" camera for the rest of the trip. I can't wait to get the DVD of photos of the rest of the week from him in the mail.

I'm so grateful I got to spend a whole week with my family in such a beautiful, relaxing place!

James, Aimee, Jeff, Jeffrey, Mom, Dad, Me, Jerry


  1. How great to have your whole family together in Cozumel. Looks like you had a great time!


  2. Aww that looks like so much fun! I need a vacation :)

  3. I loved seeing your vacation photos and I think you are awesome!!

    I am going to Mexico next week and I need to make some meal replacement bars for my mid-morning and mid-afternoon meals. Can you share the recipes for the ones J brought?

    1. We don't have the recipe for the bars. A friend of ours makes the bars and sells them at our gym. I know there a bunch of homemade protein bar recipes online, though. Have a wonderful time in Mexico!