Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Countdown to the Arnold!

It's time once again for one of bodybuilding's biggest events of the year: The Arnold!

Arnold Sports Festival!
Two years ago, I competed in the Arnold Amateur and placed 4th in my height class - which was such a thrill! The only downside to our weekend was some friendship drama.

Last year, J and I went just to go to the Expo; we didn't buy tickets to any of the shows. We had a blast walking around meeting our fav fitness celebs and grabbing free samples (I came home with a bag full of protein bar samples!). Again, the only downside to our weekend was some friendship drama. Again.

This year, J and I are going by ourselves. There will be NO DRAMA!!

We're heading out very early Friday morning and will hit up the Expo on Friday afternoon. We don't have tickets to any of the bodybuilding events; we just plan on milling around the Expo all weekend. Several of the shows have pre-judging and finals events on the Expo stage, so we'll catch a few of those.

My predictions for the women divisions of the Arnold:

Figure: 1) Nicole Wilkins; 2) Erin Stern; 3) Ava Cowen
Fitness: 1) Adela Garcia; 2) Tanji Johnson (Although I really hope I'm proven wrong and Tanji wins!!); 3) Myriam Capes
Bikini: 1) Nicole Nagrani; 2) Nathalia Melo; 3) Jaime Baird
Bodybuilding: 1)Yaxeni Oriquen; 2) Brigita Brezovac; 3) Cathy LeFrancois

I bought a couple new (very cute!) shirts last night to wear this weekend. Since I'm gonna be snapping a bunch of photos with my fav fitness celebs, I can't look like a scrub! I'm kind of glad I started my prep early and am a bit leaner than I was a few weeks ago. Everyone knows ya gotta diet for the Arnold! J and I will be bringing all our food along and toting coolers the whole weekend. It's worth it, though!

I'll post an update this weekend with a few photos. If you're going to be there, please let me know in the comments. It'd be wonderful to meet you in person!


  1. I have been planning on going to the Arnold for a couple months now. I've been so excited to go. The weather report for Columbus, is good, but we're suppose to be getting rain and snow mixed on Friday when I plan to leave. So, after all of this the weather might be holding me back. Keeping my fingers crossed though.

  2. I won't be there but I'm living vicariously through you :)

    Have an awesome time & take lots of pics!!


  3. Kari, thank you. I always love seeing your take on it... And I agree with your predictions to a T! Although, someday I'd really love to see Nathalia Melo take home Bikini gold someday.