Thursday, February 9, 2012

No More Afternoon Snickers Snacks

One of the benefits of having your boyfriend as your trainer is the easy accessibility to his knowledge and fast responses to my zillions of questions. One of the downsides is random, unexpected suggestions and prep check-ins. I worked with an online trainer a few years ago, and it was relatively easy to omit information like unscheduled cheat meals, etc. Working with J keeps me honest and on my toes.

We were chilling at the gym the other night when suddenly he asked me how many carbs I'm consuming per day. Caught off-guard, I stuttered, "Um, a lot? I guess?" I didn't mention the fun size Snickers or Milky Way I'd eaten that afternoon at work. With a thoughtful look on his face, he said, "I think we should start cleaning up your diet now."
No more afternoon Snickers snacks?!
WHAT?? *Gulp. Oh boy. I thought I had until March before we started prep.

"Ok, sure. You want me to start tomorrow? Any reason we're starting earlier than planned?" In my head, I was hearing, "You're fat and you need more than 15 weeks to get into shape." What he really said was, "I just want you to be in your best shape ever this year." He then continued with, "Since you're leaner than you've ever been off-season, we may start with some carbs in your diet."

Um, excuse me. Did I hear the word "CARBS"?! Woohoo!!

The past few years, my diet started with a keto-type plan (zero carbs), so I was expecting to start that way again. Looks like this year will be different, though. Prep is always a learning experiment!

I'm happy with how my off-season went, and I'm excited to get started with prep again!

For those of you who compete, what's your prep diet like?


  1. YAY carbs! This is exciting, can't wait to see how your body responds!

  2. Last year I was carb cycling all the way through and cut down to zero fats at the end and still semi-low cal. This year, I was leaner and was able to start at a higher carb & cal place, but we're still going almost no fats, like >15g. I'm digging it, still nice to eat red pepper and squash. :)

    I miss snickers. I also can't wait to see what this year has for you!!! :D

  3. Can I get a "holla" for starting prep with carbs?? :)


  4. Or maybe you keep eating the snickers and you get those as you start prep! ;) I am with T, YAY for carbs!!!