Monday, February 27, 2012

Shopping for Suits

It's no secret that the expenses of competing can really add up. I've managed to cut some corners and learned how to do some things on my own (hair and makeup). In other areas, I will gladly pony up the dough to make sure things are perfect (tan, shoes, training). One of the most expensive purchases for women is our competition suit. In this regard, I envy J, because bodybuilder trunks are like $25, while top-notch Figure suits can be higher than $1,500. Yes, $1,500.

Beautiful suit, huh? It's $1,500.
In order to save money, I wear my suits for about two years before buying a new one. And by new, I mean "new to me." The last two suits I've worn have been previously owned. It's very common for competitors to buy used suits or to rent a suit for a show. Used or rented suits usually run about half the price of new suits, so for half the price of a Pro suit, I can still look like a Pro! The only downside of this, is the potential for the suit to not fit as perfectly as a new, custom suit would fit.

Last year after Team Universe, I received some criticism regarding the cut of my suit not being as flattering on me as it could've been. I agree; it's time for me to buy a new suit. And by new, this time, I mean NEW.

I've been looking at a few sites and have narrowed down some choices. The only problem is (and I have this in all areas of my life), I have champagne taste on a beer budget. I love shiny, sparkly suits that glitter. The more blingy a suit is, the more expensive it is.

I need to get my suit order placed soon, because I've heard that some designers I'm looking at have some long backup times. I'm excited to go to the Arnold this week and actually see the fabrics in person and talk to the designers!

For those of you who compete, do you order new suits for every show? Who are your favorite suit designers? Have you ever purchased a used suit?


  1. I'm getting my first one. =) Luckily, I have another competitor in my area who makes suits, for pros too, who does gorgeous work and none of her suits are over $600. She's Suit Yourself Posing Suits on FB. After I met with her, I decided to splurge and just buy a custom one instead of trying to get a used one or rent one.

  2. I love that you said you have champagne taste on a beer budget because that's totally me!! I want a new suit even though the one I have is not yet a year old (I've worn it for 3 shows)! I'll probably get a new one when I compete in a national show but for now, I'm stickin' with what I have.


  3. I love the champagne taste on a beer budget. My mom tells that to me all the time! Good luck finding a suit!

  4. I love Tamee Marie's suits, if I ever had the time or money to go with her. But Suits For You Swimwear always seems to be pretty reasonable! :)

  5. Have you seen Vizion Wear? Look him up on Facebook, his work is amazing and blingy, and very reasonably priced custom suits!

  6. I can't wait to see what fabric you picked out this weekend. New suits are fun!!!

  7. Where do you order from? Any recommendations?

    1. Tamee Marie, Maggie Keaveny, CC Fitwear, Jagwear, CJ, Passionfruit, Lydia Conti, and Merry Christine are just a few great suit designers.