Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This past weekend, I flew back to Minnesota to spend the Easter weekend with my family. On the flight there, I realized something: I'm not like everybody else. As I pondered that thought while snuggled up under a blanket in the very back row of the plane, I wrote this:

My show is in 12 weeks. I'm on a plane, heading to spend a long weekend with my family. I have a photoshoot immediately after I arrive in Minneapolis. My food for the weekend is in my trusty pink cooler, and my water bottle is in my backpack. I moved to the very back of the plane so I could stretch my legs across two seats, in hopes of eliminating any water retention from the flight.

I look around at the other passengers. No one else brought food for their whole trip with them. No one else is concerned about water retention and looking tight, yet full, for a photoshoot. I don't fit in. I didn't order anything to drink from the flight attendant. I refused her offer of peanuts, pretzels, or cookies. None of those foods are on my diet.

The smell of peanuts, and earlier, McDonald's Sausage McMuffin, wafts through the plane. My stomach growls in response. I listen to the other passengers ordering juice and wonder to myself if they know how much sugar and carbs are in juice. I decide they don't know or care. I wish I could have juice. I could have a Diet Coke, but 8am just seems too early for soda.

Sometimes I miss the days when I didn't read nutrition labels or think twice about beginning my day with a Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit with hash browns and orange juice from McDonald's. Those days are long gone. I'm healthier now. But sometimes it's nice to indulge. Now is not the time for indulging. I have a goal, a purpose, a desire to win - to be the best. And that takes discipline, will power, and consistency. My eye is on the prize.

In an hour, I'll eat my 2nd meal of the day, and hope it digests quickly so my stomach doesn't look bloated at the shoot. I'll attempt to glue on my fake eyelashes in the plane restroom. It will be an adventure. Until then, I'll keep my feet up and try not to mess up my hair. Wouldn't want any bloating or bad hair to ruin the photos.

The photoshoot went well and I'm so excited to see all the pictures! Here's a sneak peak of one of them.

Tank top: Iron Asylum; Photographer: Dan Norman
I had a wonderful visit with my family and friends and got to enjoy a delicious Easter brunch too. I'm still coming to terms with feeling so different than the general public. Most of the time, I don't even realize it. Sometimes, though, it hits me over the head and makes me stop and think.

Do you ever feel different from everyone else?


  1. I always feel different, but at least it's comforting knowing that there are others like us out there! The plane ride was worth it because you look phenomenal in that photo! Can't wait to see more :)

  2. Everything in this photo looks amazing, Kari, but your hair definitely takes the cake. I love it!! Talk about different!!

    I will say this:
    I WANT to be different than everyone else, but I'm still very much on their level. I eat mostly like you, but far too often like "them", and I wish I didn't.

  3. Living different makes you special. Look at your amazing body!

  4. I think about these things all the time too. I live in a very unhealthy community. I watch and listen to people all the time and just wonder, do they know how bad that is? Do they care? How can they possibly eat that without getting sick? I know I'm different here and I'm okay with it!! I love, love, love this photo and absolutely can't wait to see more!!

    PS- I think I told you I was born in MN and that's where my mom's side of the family lives (Minneapolis, Richfield, bloomington, lakevill, Eagan, all over!) I totally know what you mean about MN nice =)

  5. Love that pic!
    And I have been struggling with this "feeling different" feeling for a few weeks now - so much so that it's sabotaged my progress a bit. I watched a guy toss a box of donuts into his shopping basket a few weeks ago and was envious for a moment because I'd never, in a million years, be able to bring myself to do that! But then again, never in a million years would I be happy carrying significantly more bodyfat than I do now, so I suppose it's a give & take relationship!

  6. oh wow! love the pic!!!!
    and yes,i too feel different.some days i dont notice it but then other times it just clicks that yeah,i am a far cry from the american "normal",but you know,i dont want to ever be"normal" or mediocre for that matter...
    SO embrace you lifestyle,your "normal" isnt like everyone else-that is just part of who you are and why you are so awesome!!!!!

  7. That pic is hot gurl!!!
    Different Shmifferent. Everyone's different. F everyone else. You're just YOU! And it's always all good.

  8. LOVE UR LOOK! So impressed!

    If you are happy with ur lifestyle, which I know you are, ponder but don't worry! You are stronger, smarter, & healthier than a large majority of the population!

    Thanks for being you!

  9. I am 10 days from my first competition, and during that time I took a business trip with my entire store. I carried a cooler. They ate Snickers bars and soda on the way down. I had protein drink and almonds. I ate in hallways and bathrooms so not to intrude on the meetings. I don't mind being different. I draw strength from my difference. I was never good at normal. Just ask my kids!