Thursday, April 12, 2012

A New Look

This past weekend, when I was in Minnesota (realizing how different I am), I had a photoshoot with one of my friends from college, Dan Norman. He and I have been talking about doing a shoot for awhile, but last time I was in Minnesota, I wasn't in shape. By "in shape," I mean I wasn't anywhere near contest shape. This time, however, since I'm in prep, I decided it'd be a good time to do a shoot.

I met Dan at his studio right after I landed in MN. I'm a little bummed that I actually did end up holding a bit of water under my skin from the plane ride (despite my best efforts), so I look a bit softer in the first couple series of photos. I can really see a difference in the last series; all the posing and moving around tightened me up.

I wanted a couple different looks; I needed some updated commercial/magazine photos, and I wanted a few grittier/hardcore/badass shots too.
Commercial/Fitness Model
Delts and V-Taper!
Back Double-Bi
Badass pose. This Iron Asylum tank top is my favorite tank!
Abs!! First time in my life I have visible abs. So unbelievably excited about this!
Tryin' to look tough.
Mission accomplished!

I'm so pleased with how these photos turned out! This was the first time in a few years that I've done a shoot without J being there to help direct me with poses. I learned a lot about posing and about what does and doesn't work for my body shape, as well as the importance of good lighting.

I changed my hair color the week before the shoot. I'd been planning on changing the color right before the show, but decided I wanted a different look for the photos, so J and I embarked on a home hair dye experiment one evening. It was ... an experience.

I'm excited about these photos and even more motivated for the next 11 weeks!


  1. Love them! Love the new hair color too!
    You look bad ass in all of them!!

  2. DAMN! All that hard work has paid off! You look fabulous Kari!

  3. Wow Kari! You look AWESOME! Great work and thanks for sharing the photos. (And congrats on the abs! Woot woot!)

  4. Absolutely FABULOUS! Great photographer, and beautiful, inspiring subject!!!

  5. Love the new hair color. It makes you look even more badass, and is very pretty at the same time! And look at those abs! Keep it up, girl!

  6. Love it Kari! You're so gorgeous and photograph beautifully! :)

  7. Woo! You look amazing!! Such an inspiration to me :D If you look this good now, I can't imagine how much you're going to kill it at your comp!

  8. Thanks for all the sweet comments! I had a blast at the shoot!

  9. The pictures are amazing! Goal complete! Dan better start putting together a fitness portfolio. :) You're going to rock the stage lady! Woot!!