Sunday, April 1, 2012


As of yesterday, March 31, I'm 13 weeks out from my show. I've "officially" been in prep for 7 weeks, and in that time, I've sloooooowly been getting smaller. Impatient by nature, I've been almost frustrated by how slowly I've been dropping weight. I didn't realize how much progress I had made until the other day. I tried on my "skinny jeans" ... and they fit!!

After celebrating by doing the Happy Dance around the room, I tried on another pair of "skinny jeans" ... and they fit too! Then I tried on a dress I bought last year when I was lean (and haven't been able to fit into for a year) ... and that fit too!

I'm finally shrinking! Hooray for progress!! 

For the past several months, I've been used to taking up a certain amount of room. In the past few weeks, I've slowly been noticing that I'm taking up less room. Some pairs of pants are really baggy now, some t-shirts aren't as tight as they used to be, and I'm able to wear tank tops I haven't fit into in months.

I'm still a few weeks shy of being stage ready, but it's exciting and reassuring to actually SEE my progress now! It's also a good reminder that the scale isn't the only indicator of progress; how clothes fit is a better indicator of body transformation.

Here's to the next 13 weeks!


  1. YAY for progress & shrinking!!!!


  2. YES! I went through this same thing, super impatient for results. I seriously can't wait to see you take the stage again!! Way to work it girl!!!

  3. YaaaY!! I cannot wait either to "watch" again ~ at least living through you blog to watch you!!

  4. "I've been used to taking up a certain amount of room". Love that bit! Keep up the great work.