Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Anniversary Weekend

I met J in 2009 at the Pittsburgh Championships, so every year, we go back to the show for our "anniversary" weekend. This past weekend, I got up at 3:15 am on Saturday and hopped on the treadmill to get my cardio in before we hit the road at 5 am. Since we share the dreadmill at home, I needed to make sure I got up early enough so both J and I could do our cardio. We got to Pittsburgh close to the beginning of pre-judging and watched both shows.

Our 3-Year Anniversary!
Our good friend, Melanie, came to watch the evening show too. One of the best parts about going to Pittsburgh every year is getting to meet up with Melanie and her husband, Damon!

Melanie, Me, Jerry
The show was excellent! Competition was fierce, and I enjoyed studying the Pros and taking mental notes while they were on stage. I also got to meet some online friends in person! Both Laura and Genie are very sweet, and I'm glad that I finally got to meet them in person after knowing them online for a few years.

Me with Laura and Genie
I saw Jay Cutler for the first time since he had his bicep surgery. I think he looks great! He said he "downsized" to about 260 lbs!

"Downsized" Jay - I think he looks great!
Jerry and I stayed in the same hotel as last year. We got a room with a refrigerator and microwave, and packed 24 meals between the 2 of us! We had more coolers than suitcases! The hotel also has one of the best fitness centers I've ever seen at a hotel. J and I got to do our cardio together on Sunday morning, which was a nice change from taking turns with our ratty dreadmill at home.

J doing cardio. This is only half of the Fitness Center - it's huge!
On Sunday, we hung out with Melanie and Damon; it's always so nice to visit with them!

Damon and Jerry
We had a fun anniversary weekend and I'm glad we got to meet up with some great friends!


  1. It was so great to finally meet you!!! You are a doll!!

  2. Your waist looks teenie tiny! Love the pic of Jay. Take care.

  3. You and Jerry are so cute together! And you're looking amazing! Contest prep is going well for you!! :)

  4. oh so much to say... First off, you guys are such a gorgeous and inspirational couple. Even your anniversary trips are fit!! Love it. Your hair looks great btw, and your waist looks like it's oh i dunno 18 inches, good god woman!
    Happy Anniversary!!! I'm glad you guys are going strong and had a lovely anniversary celebration trip.


  5. You got up at 3.15am to do cardio?? Holy inspiration!! Looks like you had a great time :)

  6. you look ab amazing! you must be working hard! when you mention cardio do you do hiit or stay in the fat burning zone of 70% max heart rate?
    I am agonising over whose opinion to take and I dont want to waste precious time to see how each method works out. any suggestions? what do you do?
    thanx :)

    1. Thanks! I just do what Jerry tells me to do for cardio. :) Incline treadmill, varying speeds. We don't measure my heart rate unless it gets really high, then I decrease the intensity. I can't do HIIT because I have asthma attacks from it. Are you getting ready for a show?

  7. Congrats on your anniversary!

  8. Thanks for all the sweet comments and anniversary wishes! The first weekend in May is always our favorite weekend of the year. :)

  9. Such a fun weekend!! I love meeting online friends and catching up with old friends, throw a fabulous show on top of that and PERFECTION!