Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jumping on the Bandwagon

I like to think of myself as an individual; I don't fit into any "categories" or "boxes" that stereotype people. I have my own fashion sense (or lack thereof, according to some people), I like to try new things, and I have friends from all facets of life. I follow trends because the study of social anthropology fascinates me, but I don't like to buy in to trends just for the sake of the trend itself.

  • I held out on reading the Harry Potter books until my mom suggested I'd like them (and I did).
  • I held out on the Twilight books until I realized I had no reading material for a plane ride one evening and curiosity about all the hype won me over. Turns out I loved the books immediately.
  • I didn't succumb to the allure of expensive workout clothes until Jerry strongly recommended I try them. I then realized how much better they fit and how much more flattering they are to my physique.
  • I didn't read the Shades of Grey books until I decided to see why they were at the top of the best seller list. (Trust me - they don't deserve to be there. AWFUL writing.)
  • I tried Crossfit one time and wanted to poke the "instructors'" eyes out with a pencil, so I'm NOT on board with that fitness trend.
  • I stuck to using my trusty bobby pins to keep my hair back while training, even though most of the other ladies at the gym were wearing them. But then I got curious and wondered if I'd actually like them.
Jumped on the headband bandwagon
Turns out I do like them!

I bought a package of Under Armour narrow headbands this weekend and tried one for the first time yesterday. It worked great! No more re-pinning my hair mid-workout!

I guess you could say I'm a reluctant bandwagoner for most things. I'm still holding off on the knee high workout socks, though. My legs are already short enough; I don't need to wear something that will make them look even more stumpy!

Do you use headbands when you train? Do you follow trends?


  1. I have no hair so I don't get to wear cute headbands :(

    But I'm like you, I resist trends as much as!


  2. I wear em all the time to keep my layers out of my face! They keep my hair looking better too as far as the sweaty hair plastered to head look and trying to revive my hair with success after my workout!

  3. Kari, I had to comment on the Shades of Grey thing and bandwagon jumping in brother tried to read the first Shades of Grey while we were on vacation and he kept having to put it down because it was weirding him out. It makes me curious about the people who put this at the top of the best sellers list?

    Headbands, I think, are the bomb, but I find that many manufacturers make them too tight.

    I still haven't jumped on the Twilight bandwagon and I have only read a couple of the Harry Potter books, although I truly do love them. I jumped on the Hunger Games bandwagon and that was well worth it!

    Looking good lady!

    1. I agree with your brother about the Shades of Grey. It's weird and the writing is juvenile.

      I actually read the Hunger Games series BEFORE they became trendy to read, so I was ahead of the curve on that one!

  4. I'd love to wear a headband, and have tried a few, but they always creep up in the back and/or slip back off the front of my hair. I have never found one that has any traction to stay put and do its job. I feel like I'd have to bobby pin them to get them to stay put, which sort of defeats the purpose :) Do you think the UA one holds still and that I should give it a shot?

    1. I have the same issue. The UA ones have a bit of grip on them. Might be worth a try!

  5. I am not a trend follower either. lol! For instance, I have never seen the Titanic movie.

    Head bands, I wear them but don't like them. My head is too small for most of them. I have been thinking about trying out the Lulu ones next. SIGH.

  6. Never followed trends, but I do wear the knee high socks. I wear them because when I do assisted pull ups, "redneck" style with a resistance band on my squat rack, they protect my shins. I am only 5' tall so I am thankful no one but the dog sees me in our home gym!

  7. I recently purchased two headbands from Lululemon. A thin strapped one (like yours in the picture) and a thicker band to keep my sweat from dripping in my face during hot yoga. Works wonders.

  8. I don't follow trends to be trendy. As for the headbands, I was looking for something to keep my hair back and talked to athletic girls who wore those rubberized headbands to see if they work. They said they did, and the do. Love the headbands for form and function.